Cowards Steal from Charitable Beekeeper

Posted 4:50pm Saturday 21st May 2022 by Fox Meyer

Someone has stolen an entire hive of bees – queen included – from the Peace Garden Albany street sometime in the last month. A three-box hive is worth about $500 at the moment, so it’s a significant loss to the man who voluntarily keeps the bees and gives away the honey for Read more...

OPINION: “Save the bees” is a psyop and we all fell for it.

Posted 2:30pm Sunday 1st May 2022 by Fox Meyer

Psyop: “Psychological Operation”. Operations to influence the emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behaviour of governments, organisations, groups, and individuals. Big Honey, backed by international governments and agriculture lobbyists, just pulled off the Read more...

Where the Hell are all these Wasps Coming From?

Posted 2:47pm Sunday 27th February 2022 by Fox Meyer

Wasp populations are at their yearly high, and students have reported fear, frustration and an “absolute fuck-ton” of the stinging insects around town. Critic Te Arohi reached out to the Zoology Department to get to the bottom of this. The short answer is simple: wasp colonies follow Read more...

Science Bitches | Issue 4

Posted 2:02pm Sunday 26th March 2017 by Ben Cravens

When most people think of bees, they think of the adorable insects that give us honey. However, they’re much more than that. Our future is inextricably linked with theirs. Close to a third of America’s food supply requires honeybee pollination. But, since 2007, bees have been Read more...

The Secret Life Of Bees

Posted 1:26pm Sunday 13th March 2016 by Amber Allott

The leader of the group got to her position of power by violently murdering her sisters. She was born in a cell and fed nothing but jelly by thousands of identical nurses. The bodies of her dead children are picked up and tossed outside the institution they were born in. When she is too old to work Read more...

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