Vapourium Presents Science Tank | Issue 9

Posted 1:20pm Sunday 30th April 2017

Ask anyone and they’ll be happy to tell your their opinion on healthcare or immigration. This makes sense because most of the time arguments can be made for both sides of any policy issue. However, lately there has been an alarming trend of established truths being heckled by the Read more...

Vapourium Presents Science Tank | Issue 7

Posted 1:31pm Sunday 9th April 2017

Flat Earthers believe that the world is flat, not spherical, and that the entirety of the scientific community, NASA, and the Government are hiding the truth. Yes, I know it seems ridiculous, but people all around the globe really believe this. However, maybe we’re being biased. Let’s Read more...

Science Bitches | Issue 6

Posted 2:08pm Sunday 2nd April 2017

Whether it’s from tea, coffee, energy drinks, or a square of chocolate, just about everyone gets their morning pick me up from caffeine. But caffeine isn’t entirely benign. I missed my morning coffee today and already feel a host of the normal withdrawal symptoms that go along with Read more...

Science Bitches | Issue 4

Posted 2:02pm Sunday 26th March 2017

When most people think of bees, they think of the adorable insects that give us honey. However, they’re much more than that. Our future is inextricably linked with theirs. Close to a third of America’s food supply requires honeybee pollination. But, since 2007, bees have been Read more...

Science Bitches | Issue 2

Posted 1:34pm Sunday 5th March 2017

Recent data, gathered by NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, indicates that up to 40 billion habitable planets may exist in our galaxy. Given this abundance of fertile planets, scientific estimates, like the Drake Equation, predict intelligent life should have developed and spread throughout our Read more...

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