Government Announces ‘Bread and Butter’ Budget:

Posted 3:56pm Sunday 21st May 2023

(The Really Short Version) Last Thursday, the Government released Budget 2023: ‘Supporting for today, building for tomorrow’. Coming ahead of the general election in October, and amidst the ever-growing cost of living, Budget 2023 has avoided Big And Scary topics like Capital Gains Read more...

QUIZ: Which Dunedin Venue Are You?

Posted 3:26pm Sunday 21st May 2023

Your latest Tinder match hits you with the dreaded question: “What kind of music are you into?” What half-truth will make you seem more interesting? Jazz, but like, real jazz. Have you seen Whiplash? I’m actually in a surf rock band, that’s probably my go-to Read more...

Students Voice Support for Ending Conversion Therapy

Posted 1:55pm Sunday 5th September 2021

As the September 8 deadline for public submissions looms, numerous churches, many with Otago student groups, have publicly expressed concern over the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill. After this deadline, the Bill will appear before the Justice Select Committee. Many activist, Read more...

Trans Rights Picnic Dwarfs TERF Meeting

Posted 3:12pm Sunday 1st August 2021

The trans rights festival in protest of the Speak Up For Women (SUFW) meeting at the Dunedin Town Hall ended up dwarfing the original event, with around 350 attendees outside the Town Hall on Saturday 24 July. The Ōtepoti Festival for Trans Rights and Liberation, organised by Environmental Read more...

First Ever Arts Ball A Success

Posted 4:06pm Sunday 16th May 2021

The first ever Arts Ball at Otago took place in the Otago Museum on May 8 hosted by the School of Arts Students Society (SASS). Students who attended reckoned it was good, even though there was an inordinately high ratio of Doc Martens.  Allie Hawksworth, President of SASS, was involved in Read more...

Departments Inconsistent on Disability Note-taking Service

Posted 5:06pm Sunday 2nd May 2021

750 students across the university receive lecture notes from peer note-takers, but inconsistencies across departments are still a barrier for some students with learning disabilities. Disability Information and Support provides a range of assistance to around 1500 students each year, half of Read more...

Let Us Live: Ōtepoti and the world need to address gender-based violence

Posted 12:21am Sunday 11th April 2021

TW: sexual assault, harassment, femicide. Sarah Everard followed all the rules women are taught from birth. She spoke to her boyfriend as she walked through a park home at 9pm on a Wednesday, she wore comfortable and warm clothes, and shoes made for running. Still, it didn’t save her. She Read more...

“Fear on Both Sides”: Students and Community March in Support of Burmese People

Posted 12:00pm Sunday 21st March 2021

On Saturday 13 March, 60 people walked from the Train Station to Octagon in solidarity with the people of Myanmar. The mix of students and community members gave speeches and protested the military coup that took place in Myanmar on the first of February.  Eileen Corcoran of Radio One was at Read more...

Egg Sales Spike During O Week

Posted 5:13pm Saturday 6th March 2021

There was a “small spike in egg sales” during O Week, thanks to the long-held tradition of egging freshers. A Countdown spokesperson said that they saw “a small spike in egg sales at our Dunedin stores over Orientation Week”. However, they encourage people to think Read more...

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