Fijian Language Week

Posted 2:58pm Sunday 10th October 2021

Bula brass! Fijian language week was from Sunday 3 October to Saturday 9 October, my personal favourite because Fiji is my homeland. I talked to some of my Fijian matavuvale (family) down here in Dunners to learn some more about my own culture, and to learn about their experiences being stunning Read more...

Tuvalu Language Week

Posted 2:54pm Sunday 10th October 2021

Talofa! It was Tuvalu language week from Sunday 26 September to Saturday 2 October. To learn a bit more about Tuvalu and its language, I talked to Nancy, Fagasele, and Riiti, three beautiful Tuvaluan students here in Dunedin.   How would you describe Tuvalu for people who don’t know Read more...

Outdoor Study Spots: How to make the most of Spring in the exam season

Posted 3:22pm Sunday 26th September 2021

Spring has well and truly sprung, bringing more sunlight and life to campus. With most of us completing the semester online, libraries and flats can become claustrophobic and uncomfortable study spots. Instead of slaving away inside, now is the perfect time of year to grab an outside study spot, and Read more...

Holding Out For a Hero

Posted 2:03pm Monday 20th September 2021

Essential workers are out there grinding despite the drama of lockdown, providing us with food, healthcare, petrol, and all the essentials. As I sit up in my room doing my daily tasks, eating my daily food, going on my daily walks, watching my daily updates, I wonder what it might be like to live a Read more...

Post-glad or Post-sad? What postgrads wish they knew before starting

Posted 1:58pm Monday 20th September 2021

It’s the second half of semester two and the countdown to graduation for some of you undergrads is well and truly on. You might be thinking, what comes after graduation? Will you go straight into the workforce and hustle your way up capitalist ladders? Maybe you’ll make some serious bank Read more...

Māori Hour Wholesomeness

Posted 3:22pm Sunday 22nd August 2021

Māori hour is an incredibly wholesome phenomenon. I am not Māori and am not speaking on behalf of Māori and never will. I am just here to comment on a cultural phenomenon I’ve observed, one which is interesting, special, and unique to Aotearoa. Imagine this. You’re at a Read more...

Cook Islands Language Week: Time to Learn About the Cook Islands

Posted 2:04am Monday 9th August 2021

Kia orāna all! Last week, from Sunday 1 August to Monday 7 August, was Cook Islands language week. To celebrate, we bring you this piece about one of the few places you might be able to travel to within the next year or so (thanks Miss Rona).  To learn more about the Cook Islands, I Read more...

Water Into Wine: The Tasting Notes of Otago's Water Fountains

Posted 5:22pm Sunday 1st August 2021

Water fountains are a staple all around campus. They are one of our most reliable and vital resources. There’s just one problem: They all seem to taste different, despite being on the same campus, and presumably being attached to the same pipes. I put my scientific skills to the test, and Read more...

Online Mental Health Project set to Launch

Posted 3:28pm Sunday 1st August 2021

The Uni is set to roll out a ‘Caring Universities Aotearoa’ project sometime within the next couple of weeks. The project aims to improve the mental health of University students, and involves the provision of e-health apps. The e-health apps will provide access to online cognitive Read more...

A pai mai ki te mārama, Bring it into the light: Approaching the taboo of sex in Pasifika cultures

Posted 5:34pm Sunday 25th July 2021

“Kissy kissy, huggy huggy, but no fucky fucky.” My strong, brown mum’s words echo through the empty depths of my brain as she sends me off to Dunedin from Auckland at the prime age of 17. For all I can remember, this is the complete extent of my at-home education about sex, Read more...

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