Opinion: I Didn’t Want to Leave Dunedin

Posted 5:44pm Monday 30th March 2020

Last week, thousands of students left Dunedin. Many of them did not want to. For many, their parents had bought tickets for them, and getting on that plane was not a choice. However, it seems that for most students, as soon as their flatmates packed their bags, they packed a bag, too. There was no Read more...

How to Party 2 Meters Apart

Posted 4:44pm Tuesday 24th March 2020

It’s that sick season and we shouldn’t be out here playing games with any virus, period. But. Dunedin has a party reputation that needs to be upheld for the sake of media articles all over New Zealand, so that our grandparents can post them on our Facebook page saying "Kyle Read more...

Kebab House

Posted 6:32pm Thursday 19th March 2020

Operating a family business can be tough. Long days, commitment to work, and family time 24/7. Yet somehow, a few full-time students and their father run a kebab shop specialising in Afghan food in a place that is very different from Afghanistan: North Dunedin. I decided to sit down and talk to Read more...

Dunedin Has a Student Housing Shortage

Posted 7:08pm Thursday 12th March 2020

There is a rental crisis in the Dunedin student area. Many students have reported that they struggled finding a liveable flat to stay in for 2020, and some students currently remain homeless.  A leading cause is the demand for student flats. There has been a steady growth of students Read more...

What Pasifika Should Know When Going Into a Professional Degree

Posted 7:02pm Thursday 12th March 2020

It’s the start of their second year. Five Pasifika students made it through First Year Health Sci. Echoes down the corridor scream ‘yOu onLy gOt in bEcAuse yOu’rE brown.’ They laugh. You fool, you clown. Rat behaviour.   Apparently getting through First Year Read more...

Agnew may be an Ag-no in 2020

Posted 8:09pm Thursday 27th February 2020

There is a cloud of doubt over whether the Agnew Street Party will go ahead in 2020. The annual Agnew Street Party is often referred to as Hyde’s “ugly step-sister”. Last year’s event raised safety concerns, with the low temperatures and rain creating a slipping hazard on Read more...

Controversial Poi Performance An “Uncomfortable” Experience

Posted 7:52pm Thursday 27th February 2020

Students in the audience of the Pacific Students’ Welcome were left “uncomfortable” after members of the Otago Pacificana group brought out poi and danced to ‘Poi E’ by Patea Māori Club. The Pacific Students’ Welcome for 2020 was held on Thursday 20 Read more...

What Happens When Te Roopū Māori Takes the Mystery Out of the Bus

Posted 7:25pm Thursday 27th February 2020

Māori kids looking at the Te Roopū Māori (TRM) calendar for Wiki O (O Week) were shocked to discover there was no Mystery Bus lined up for 2020. Most expected the Mystery Bus to be back for the start of another year. The Mystery Bus brought Māori students squished proximity, Read more...

Māori Migration to Otago Uni: Tauira Perspectives on Life in Te Cold

Posted 3:19pm Saturday 22nd February 2020

Moving to a new city fresh out of high-school is daunting. It is especially daunting to commit to a University far away from your iwi or culture-rich Māori communities. It is no secret that Dunedin has a low population of Māori – not to mention, has the polar opposite weather of Read more...

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