Māori Experiences In Aotearoa’s Music Industry

Posted 7:26pm Thursday 21st May 2020

Māori mainstream music had a breakthrough in 1984 with ‘Poi E’ by Patea Māori Club, reviving te reo Māori songs within a country that popularised little beforehand. Notably, Prince Tui Teka was another early Māori artist who performed songs in te reo Māori Read more...

Don't do the 30 Day Squat Challenge

Posted 7:23pm Thursday 21st May 2020

Ever since Dame Queen Nicki Minaj’s music videos emerged, I think a piece of all of us dreamt of having an ass so fat, so bodacious, that we would cry in the shower while doing a mere 15 squats naked to achieve what she has. Or maybe that was just me. Drenched in sweat from the gym that I Read more...

Colonisation Made Periods Gross

Posted 4:16pm Thursday 14th May 2020

Waiwhero, mate marama, mate wāhine, paheke, te awa atua. There are many ways to describe menstruation for Māori, because it is an important part of life. It is a sign of whakapapa, connection to the land, connection to the gods. Menstruation was power - until Read more...

Level 3 Parties Held Throughout Dunedin

Posted 5:02pm Thursday 7th May 2020

House parties have reportedly broken out during level 3 lockdown around Dunedin’s student area. Despite the restrictions outlined by the government that gatherings of ten people maximum may be permitted for ceremonies, and to only make a small addition to your bubble, some students have Read more...

How to Spice Up Your Zoom Lectures

Posted 10:42am Tuesday 21st April 2020

It's been a few weeks now, and Zoom lectures have well and truly lost their novelty. Lecturers are trying their best, but like some in-person lectures, classes can get boring. Here are some proven ways to spice up your Zoom lectures, keeping yourself alert and ready to learn. Put a Read more...

A Definitive Ranking of the Uni Clocktower Bongs

Posted 3:38pm Tuesday 7th April 2020

Everytime I sit in my room, the clocktower’s flat chimes remind me that my time in this world is fleeting. Every bong that rattles through my window slowly drives me insane.  Because I have nothing else to do, and to help you all feel a little bit closer to campus, I have categorised Read more...

Opinion: I Didn’t Want to Leave Dunedin

Posted 5:44pm Monday 30th March 2020

Last week, thousands of students left Dunedin. Many of them did not want to. For many, their parents had bought tickets for them, and getting on that plane was not a choice. However, it seems that for most students, as soon as their flatmates packed their bags, they packed a bag, too. There was no Read more...

How to Party 2 Meters Apart

Posted 4:44pm Tuesday 24th March 2020

It’s that sick season and we shouldn’t be out here playing games with any virus, period. But. Dunedin has a party reputation that needs to be upheld for the sake of media articles all over New Zealand, so that our grandparents can post them on our Facebook page saying "Kyle Read more...

Kebab House

Posted 6:32pm Thursday 19th March 2020

Operating a family business can be tough. Long days, commitment to work, and family time 24/7. Yet somehow, a few full-time students and their father run a kebab shop specialising in Afghan food in a place that is very different from Afghanistan: North Dunedin. I decided to sit down and talk to Read more...

Dunedin Has a Student Housing Shortage

Posted 7:08pm Thursday 12th March 2020

There is a rental crisis in the Dunedin student area. Many students have reported that they struggled finding a liveable flat to stay in for 2020, and some students currently remain homeless.  A leading cause is the demand for student flats. There has been a steady growth of students Read more...

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