Student Events Cancelled by Covid

Posted 4:34pm Sunday 13th September 2020

The announcement of Alert Level 2 throughout August and September has disrupted popular student events. These occasions are usually marked on the calendar and widely looked forward to, but they haven’t been able to occur with numbers limited to 100 people. Event organisers have struggled to Read more...

Participating in Mahuru Māori but my reo isnít good

Posted 3:59pm Sunday 13th September 2020

Mahuru Māori is the annual challenge set to everyone in the effort to normalise and integrate Māori language into everyday lives. The challenge, set by Paraone Gloyne of Te Wānanga o Aotearoa in 2014, has grown immensely. In the first year, only three people participated, but in 2019 Read more...

Learning Te Reo Māori as a Māori Student

Posted 10:48pm Thursday 10th September 2020

Te reo Māori is an official language of Aotearoa, but has only been recognised as such since 1987. For Māori, their language has always been the ‘official’ one. For Māori in the early 1900s, most notably before the World Wars, te reo was their first language. However Read more...

Bone Apple Teeth | Takakau Paraoa (Flat Bread)

Posted 10:20pm Thursday 10th September 2020

It’s Spring time, and that means it’s time for bread. That’s a lie - it’s always time for bread. When it comes to Māori bread, the first thing that may come to people’s minds is fry bread or rēwena bread, but most of the time, takakau bread goes unnoticed. Read more...

Bargain Box: Is It Worth It?

Posted 9:47pm Thursday 3rd September 2020

Trying to plan and decide what to eat for dinner takes up too much time in the day. Time that could be better-spent binge-watching Netflix shows with your flatmates and avoiding pending assignments. If you’re anything like me, eating like a rat is what gets us through the day. It’s not Read more...

Best Places to Have Deep and Meaningfuls

Posted 9:16pm Thursday 27th August 2020

If you’re looking to change up your environment for unloading your emotional baggage on some friends and listening to their existential crises, then hitting up a lookout is an obvious solution. Whether it’s a dusty Sunday or a tearful Thursday, there’s nothing like a car therapy Read more...

A Brief History of the Toitū Otago Settlers Museum

Posted 8:12pm Thursday 27th August 2020

The Otago Settlers Museum is New Zealand’s oldest history museum, and it’s hard to miss. The Museum spans across a huge portion of land from the Train Station to the Chinese Gardens, and the Museum itself was established to reflect colonial settlement. Starting off as the Otago Early Read more...

Codyís, Diesel, and Mavs: Do They Taste the Same?

Posted 8:04pm Thursday 13th August 2020

Word on the street is that, when it comes down to it, three bourbon and colas don’t taste any different. Cody’s, Diesel and Billy Mavericks, popular choices from rugby boys and bogans alike, are rumoured to have no distinguishing taste differences that set them apart from one Read more...

PSYC SOC Targeted by Facebook Scammers

Posted 10:42pm Thursday 6th August 2020

The Otago Students’ Psychology Society (PSYC SOC) has been targeted by scammers trying to sell unauthorized Wine and Cheese tickets using fake Facebook accounts.  PSYC SOC advertised their Wine and Cheese night during late July, to be held on Thursday 13 August at IBs. The event Read more...

The Cheapest Drinks in the Octy: A Drunk Investigation

Posted 10:05pm Thursday 6th August 2020

Everyone knows the key to going into town is pre-loading. Without doing this, we would not only freeze to death, but be sober enough to realise that town is shit and we should be in bed. It’s also the cheapest option, and can be the best part of a night out. But regardless of how much you Read more...

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