How to Be a Less Shit Cook : Miso Aubergine on Pearl Couscous

Posted 6:31pm Thursday 14th March 2019

Of the five different tastes the tongue can detect, umami is perhaps the hardest to describe or define. It is often called the meat taste or the savoury taste, but this is kinda hard to pin down. The only concrete definition is that umami is the taste of glutamates, such as MSG. I guess in the end Read more...

How to Be a Less Shit Cook | Tuesday Night n Day Deals

Posted 5:45pm Thursday 7th March 2019

One of the most important things to learn in martial arts is when not to use martial arts. The same applies to cooking.   So this week I present:   The Tuesday Night ‘n Day Deals Ranked From Best to Worst:   1. $2 Criss-Cross Chips For some reason potato Read more...

How To Be A Less Shit Cook : Fennel and Beetroot Salad

Posted 8:05pm Thursday 28th February 2019

It’s round one of flat cooking and you’re stepping up to the plate, literally. What are you gonna cook for your new flatmates? Your culinary reputation is at stake. How about some pasta with a tomato sauce? Congratulations, you’ve just made the culinary equivalent of a black and Read more...

How To Be A Less Shit Cook: Samosas

Posted 8:48pm Thursday 21st February 2019

Now that the pack of Mi Goreng you bought at the start of O-Week has run out it’s time to think about other meal options. Samosas are a surprisingly affordable option, using cheap ingredients and adding flavour with spices. They make a great dinner, lunch, snack, breakfast or anytime food. Read more...

Where Does Stew End and Curry Begin?

Posted 8:11pm Thursday 19th April 2018

When you reach a certain age you begin to ponder the deeper, more meaningful questions in life. If you have some semblance of intelligence you will be able to work out what question I will be discussing from the title.   Encyclopedia Britannica defines stew as a “dish of meat, poultry, Read more...

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