OUSA Demands an RA Pay Increase, University Ignores Them

Posted 9:58pm Thursday 27th September 2018

OUSA’s meeting with the University to try and get them to raise RAs’ pay to cover the cost of living in a hall has not resulted in any change. “Unfortunately, the University were unwilling to make any changes to the financial conditions for the RAs,” said OUSA Colleges Read more...

Students for Environmental Action Given $5,000

Posted 10:17pm Thursday 6th September 2018

The Students for Environmental Action (SEA) club has been bequeathed $5,000 from the Estate of Kenneth David Mason, a gift that aimed to ensure a continued interest in nature and ecological preservation among university students. An avid lover of the outdoors, Kenneth Mason was an honorary member Read more...

Students Concerned About Enrolment Numbers Increase

Posted 5:18pm Thursday 16th August 2018

Some students are worried about space in courses and libraries as the University of Otago announced that its enrolment figures for 2018 show an increase of about 380 equivalent full-time students (EFTS) on 2017. Most these extra students are enrolled in first-year undergraduate programmes and are Read more...

OUSA Trials Free Food Fridays

Posted 6:29pm Thursday 12th July 2018

Forget dumpster diving: OUSA is now looking at giving away edible leftovers as free meals to minimise the amount of food waste produced by residential colleges. A trial run in early June saw students queuing for fifteen minutes for eighty frozen meals saved from UniCol kitchens over two weeks. Read more...

Counter-Protest Drowns Out White Nationalist Meeting

Posted 11:12pm Friday 11th May 2018

The National Front, a white supremacist, alt-right group, held a sparsely attended meeting at Queens Gardens on 4 May. The event was heavily counter-protested. The National Front is a group of racists that claim to encourage free democracy for New Zealanders, in which individuals are free to make Read more...

Wild Dunedin Festival Getting Back to Nature

Posted 8:13pm Thursday 12th April 2018

When you first look at the programme for the Wild Dunedin Festival, it’s a little overwhelming to see so many events crammed into only five days. There are express tours to the albatross colony, a wildlife photography exhibition, a penguin kite-building workshop, and documentary viewings, and Read more...

OUSA No Longer Offering Free Flu Jabs

Posted 8:48pm Thursday 5th April 2018

OUSA has decided not to give out free flu shots to students this year. As if the fresher flu wasn’t bad enough, now we don’t even have the chance to escape it. Back in 2016, OUSA ran a pilot scheme of 150 free flu vaccinations in order to gauge interest prior to launching a bigger Read more...

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