Clark V. Woodhouse | Student allowances and living costs

Posted 11:31am Sunday 24th September 2017

Michael Woodhouse National is committed to supporting students with the costs associated with tertiary study. A tertiary education is a major investment, not just for you as students, but for New Zealand as a country. New Zealand has one of the most generous student support systems in the Read more...

Clark V. Woodhouse | Housing

Posted 11:14am Sunday 17th September 2017

Michael Woodhouse Buying a home is often the single biggest purchase a person makes in their lifetime and National is committed to working hard to ensure more New Zealanders are able to own their own home. The most difficult hurdle to overcome for first home buyers is pulling together the Read more...

Clark V. Woodhouse | Is the New Zealand Health Care System “the Envy of the World”?

Posted 11:10am Sunday 10th September 2017

David Clark The government recently told cancer sector leaders that our healthcare system is “the envy of the World”. That comment has been roundly criticised. Australians are able to access new and innovative medicines, while New Zealanders are not. They know that our cancer Read more...

Clark V. Woodhouse | What is the Best Way to Deal with Youth Offenders?

Posted 11:10am Sunday 3rd September 2017

David Clark Over the past few weeks there has been discussion about youth offending, and how New Zealand can address it. The difference in approach between National and Labour on this issue could not be clearer. The current government has announced that they will set up army-run boot camps for Read more...

Clark V. Woodhouse | Issue 23

Posted 1:17pm Saturday 17th September 2016

David Clark Every student should be able to aspire to own their own home. And that aspiration should be attainable.  Just last week the average valuation of a house in Auckland hit $1 million. That means even if young couples can save enough for a deposit in Auckland, they may need to Read more...

Clark V. Woodhouse | Issue 21

Posted 11:56am Sunday 4th September 2016

David Clark Inequalities have grown faster in New Zealand since the 1980s than elsewhere. Growth in inequality happens because the choices made by successive Governments hold our country back. Rich-country think-tank the OECD released a report showing that growing inequalities have held back New Read more...

Clark V. Woodhouse | Issue 19

Posted 4:28pm Monday 15th August 2016

David Clark Some see scarfie culture as something that is quite clear cut. Alcohol, adventure, and living in cold flats are characteristics that spring to mind for a lot of people. But these three ingredients exist at Scott Base and in countless other countries around the world. For me, scarfie Read more...

Clark V. Woodhouse | Issue 17

Posted 12:44pm Sunday 31st July 2016

David Clark I stood for Parliament because I want to play a part in making New Zealand a better place.  I believe the gap between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' has grown too large. The role of an opposition MP is to hold the Government to account. On a good day we can Read more...

Clark V. Woodhouse | Issue 13

Posted 11:00am Sunday 29th May 2016

David Clark On the one hand, it does seem odd that the ability to become our head of state is genetically determined, a privilege reserved for a single inbred family of German descent. On the other hand, constitutional monarchies like New Zealand are amongst the wealthiest and healthiest Read more...

Clark V. Woodhouse | Issue 11

Posted 12:13pm Sunday 15th May 2016

David Clark New Zealanders don’t ask a lot, but there are some things that make us who we are and define our place in the world. We call it the Kiwi dream. It is about opportunities for everyone to succeed, no matter where they live, or how deep their parents’ pockets are. We Read more...

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