Happy 130th birthday OUSA, have a tree

Happy 130th birthday OUSA, have a tree

Nobody ever bought ME a tree for my birthday

OUSA celebrated its 130th birthday by doing what any 130-year-old would do: planting a tree. However, in an unexpected and ghastly turn of events, the poor baby was forced to stand naked in Union Lawn for five days, an activity I’ve only ever done by choice. The tree was planted on Wednesday 8 July at 11:30 am, at least a full five days before OUSA got their act together and provided the requisite amenities -  a shocking start to life.

As we all know, no commemorative tree is complete without a plaque, and no plaque can stand without a plaque-stand, and the plaque-stand in question was late on arrival from Christchurch. The late plaque-stand prevented the tree from enjoying the ceremonial status that is quite literally the purpose of its existence. What’s a ceremonial tree without a plaque? (Answer: Just another lovely tree.)

The plan to plant the tree was discussed as early as 18 May, leaving about two months to sort out the plaque-stand, which is about as long as it takes me to get my act together, too. Critic reached out to the tree in question, who provided no comment, perhaps due to being in a state of shock.

You can find the baby kōwhai - and its shiny new plaque - by the scenic brick wall across from OUSA offices and Union Lawn. Maybe in another 130 years, students will be relaxing under its boughed branches; native birds adore the tree almost as much as I do, and the tree is sure to create a lovely spot for future scarfies. The more trees the merrier, with or without a plaque.

This article first appeared in Issue 12, 2020.
Posted 2:12pm Sunday 26th July 2020 by Fox Meyer.