Pint Night Returns for Semester Two

Pint Night Returns for Semester Two

You now have a more valid excuse to be dusty on a Thursday

The University has confirmed that Pint Night is on for semester two. Despite fearmongering in the student community that Pint Night was not going to go ahead post-lockdown, a University spokesperson confirmed to Critic that Pint Night will in fact recommence on Wednesday, 8 July, during Re-O Week.

So breathas and beezys rejoice, the Covid-induced wait is over. Pint Night is officially returning for the second semester.

“Pint Nights will continue every Wednesday for the remainder of the year, and they are looking forward to welcoming students back,” said the University spokesperson.

The announcement has students fizzing to get back into the infamous U-Bar line. Upon hearing the announcement, Kaitlyn, a second-year student reacted with a “FUCKING LESHGOO” further stating that it would “slap harder than a One Direction reunion”.

Pippa, another second-year student said she “fucking loves it” and is looking forward to “meeting people you may not meet in town,” as well as seeing the live music acts which showcase Dunedin’s local talent. The groundbreaking news even evoked a mirthy “yeehaw” from OUSA President Jack Manning upon one of his daily visits to the Critic office.

This article first appeared in Issue 9, 2020.
Posted 2:50pm Sunday 5th July 2020 by Annabelle Vaughan.