New Campaigns and Education Officers

Results are provisional pending 5 day allowance for appeal

The OUSA By-Election for the position of Campaigns Officer and Education Officer has officially closed. 

With a total of 298 votes, Nick Findlay won the position of Campaigns Officer. Also running for the position was Sean Gamble, who received a total of 295 votes. Henry Napier received 201 votes, and there were 34 votes for no confidence.

Zachariah Roy Al-Alami, who received a total of 309 votes, won the position of Education Officer. Fellow candidate Laura Harris received 298 votes and Anton Hovius received 183 votes. There were a total of 44 votes for no confidence. 

On Friday 1 May, the week before voting began, Education Officer candidate Anton Hovius made a complaint to OUSA that some candidates had breached the 100-word limit for their blurbs. Hovius said this gave the candidates an unfair advantage, as it is difficult to make all the points you wish to make in 100 words. 

The candidates were told to reduce their word count and did so on the same day. However, the blurbs were already printed in Critic. For this reason, candidates had one vote deducted per five words that breached the word limit.

The candidates will begin their positions immediately.

This article first appeared in Issue 11, 2015.
Posted 10:50am Sunday 10th May 2015 by Laura Munro.