By-Election Nominations

Ferocious competition for two top spots

Following the departure of the OUSA Postgraduate Office Claire Mitchell last month, and OUSA’s International Officer vacancy for over a year, a by-election is being held for the two positions. Nominations closed last Thursday and the competition is fierce. We wish all candidates the best of luck with this week’s voting opening on Tuesday 24 March at 9am and closing at 4pm on Thursday 26 March.

International Officer

Toa Sailusi

My name is Katoa and many of my colleagues called me “Toa,” I’m a Polynesian descendant.

“Let us dare,” the mission of the school is our individual’s commitment to work together towards peace internationally. The integration of our various differences into one body is my mission for this position!

Living in Hawaii, Japan, Australia, growing up in Fiji, Tuvalu, and many other parts of the world, speak volume to my global experiences.

I believe this opportunity will inspire me to become a “warrior” for a change in the world. I’m counting on you.

Vote for Toa the “warrior!”

Katoa (Toa) P. Sailusi

Nominated by:
Phaedra Lameko

Seconded by:
Riiti Conway

No Confidence

No confidence here! I am really keen to be a part of the fabulous group of people who are your 2015 executive.

My hobbies include snails, thunderstorms, and sitting around tables for a great deal of time discussing issues that no one really cares that much about.

I would be perfect for the position of International Officer as I am 1/8th Scottish and have a world map from Typo above my desk. I have also seen Slumdog Millionaire twice now, so I can relate to people from all walks of life.

I once brought a $10 bracelet in support of the Kony 2012 Campaign to help those less fortunate. I am a giver.

Please vote for me!

Nominated by:
Sometimes confident

Seconded by:
Kind of confident

Postgraduate Officer

Christopher (Chris) Jackson

A funny thing happened to me on the way to University yesterday. A friend of mine texted, “Chris, you should be postgrad rep. You should do it because you would be very good.” To which, I confusedly replied, “What? Why?...wha?” (actual representation of the texts).

The ordeal forced me to think about previous experience in leadership roles. I am no stranger to commitment and my family always taught me to only take on responsibilities that you can fully commit to. Like all postgrads, I question my own time constraints and limitations—know that by declaring I am whole-heartedly looking to serve.

Nominated by:
Jayde Fleet

Seconded by:
Ben Riordan

No Confidence

I am no confidence and I want to be your new Postgraduate Officer.
I haven’t yet completed my degree, but I postgraduated NCEA level 3 with Merit last year.

Here is my poem:

I’m pretty damn passionate,

about being the postgraduate.

In Starters I’m Jammin it,

My posters will be laminate.

I’m a fresher, I’m contaminate.

If you vote for me, I promise to complete at least four of my ten hours a week.

Nominated by:
Sometimes confident

Seconded by:
Kind of confident
This article first appeared in Issue 5, 2015.
Posted 6:33pm Sunday 22nd March 2015 by Staff Reporter.