Ori t-shits disappoint

Ori t-shits disappoint

Critic does it better

Two thousand uninspiring “limited edition” t-shirts included with O-Week’s Super Pass have been received unenthusiastically by students, despite being designed by talented local design company Moodie Tuesday.

The t-shirts, which come in either blue or grey, comprise a collection of basic and somewhat irrelevant stock icons, including a watermelon, an anchor and a selection of squiggly lines, providing little assistance for “[remembering] the best orientation of your life,” as claimed.

While the t-shirt draws no parallels to their past work, Critic spoke with Moodie Tuesday’s graphic designer, Jon Thom, who was “happy with the result” given they were working within a budget and thought the minimal design and high quality material was “leaning toward [the current] fashion.”

He confirmed that Moodie Tuesday provided two designs, including one hand-drawn design by Thom himself and one icon-based design, with the latter being approved. “It’s awesome for us to see two thousand people wearing the t-shirts we created.”
OUSA was able to confirm that they went through a tendering process and Moodie Tuesday “had a price that was comparable to other years,” according to OUSA Events and Communications Manager Dan Hendra. “We chose to work with Moodie Tuesday as they are a young Dunedin company who have recently produced some great contemporary designs.”

Hendra did add that “as with all design processes, even Critic’s, the designers more often than not knock it out of the park; in this instance some might not see this as the case.”

One disapproving fresher said the t-shirts could have been made by anyone with enough computer acumen to open Microsoft Word and “move around a few clip-art pictures.” However, Critic found that the icons were from a website that allowed Moodie Tuesday to purchase usage rights.
This article first appeared in Issue 1, 2014.
Posted 6:57pm Sunday 23rd February 2014 by Claudia Herron.