Fran and Ruby in Most Pre-Determined Election Ever

Hot on the heels of the usual fanfare created by the OUSA election comes the University Council elections, giving students one more chance to select who will represent them in the ever-exciting realm of student politics. The University Council is the governing body of the University and, among other things, determines policies as well as prepares and adopts a charter for the University. There are two seats available, and two candidates running for election. Critic wonders who will get in Ö

Francisco Hernandez

Kia Ora

Iím Francisco Hernandez, OUSA President 2013 and current University of Otago Council member. Iím standing for re-election for the Uni Council and would appreciate your vote.

During my term on the University Council, Iíve gotten a lot of stuff done. Iím a proven leader with a track record of change, including drafting housing warrant-of-fitness legislation, securing improvements to Dunedinís bus service Ė such as the trial tertiary student discount Ė and leading the campaign to stop the North Dunedin Liquor Ban in favour of constructive alternatives.

Iíve fought hard for you on the Otago University Council this year. I will keep fighting for you.

If elected, Iíll use my experience to guide the new OUSA President so that she can get the stuff she wants done. I will also continue my work on upgrading Dunedinís housing stock, enhancing campus sustainability, improving the Satellite campus experience, strengthening ties between the city/university/polytechnic, and lobbying for improvements in Dunedinís public transport through better buses and safer cycleways.

I know times are tough for students, so Iíll keep working to restrain fee rises.

Vote Francisco Hernandez to get strong representation, fresh vision and proven leadership on the University of Otago Council.

Ruby Sycamore-Smith

Kia Ora,

Iím Ruby, and I am running for the University of Otago Council. First and foremost I would like to point out that I am passionate about everything I do Ė I sink my teeth into every situation and always give 110 per cent. Iím a third-year student studying communications and marketing, and Iím going to ensure that you get the year that you deserve! I will be an excellent student representative on the Council and make sure that the student voice is heard!

I will make sure that all students will get the most out of their time at Otago.

As your current Welfare Officer Iíve:

- Delivered free breakfasts and five dollar meals.

- Secured $10,000 in funding from the Ministry of Social Development to promote healthy relationships.

- Successfully advocated for making the Queer Support Position full time.

- Led OUSAís stress-free exam efforts including establishing a puppy room!

- Led negotiations with the University over establishing a student pub on campus.

My record as your Welfare Officer has been impressive, and with me on University Council you can expect more.

Expect more. Vote Ruby for University Council.
This article first appeared in Issue 26, 2013.
Posted 4:26pm Sunday 6th October 2013 by Claudia Herron.