Te Roopu Maori 2014 Executive Nominations

Tumuaki (President)

Arleen McLaren

Kia ora whānau

Ko Arleen McLaren ahau, he uri tēnei no Ngāti Maniapoto me Ngāti Maru.

I am currently a 4th Year Phedder finalist. I am also current tumuaki of PEMA (Physical Education Māori Association).

Tumuaki of PEMA has definitely brought the best out of me in how I deal with people everyday. There have been many challenges I have faced which allowed me to be more open-minded and see the different perspectives to create an ultimate result. I have enjoyed this position thoroughly.

I am a candidate for Tumuaki and Tumuaki tuarua as I believe the voices of our Māori taiura are important. Going for these two positions will strengthen my passion of working for Māori, especially for our taiura as we are the leaders of tomorrow.

Ngā mihi ki a koutou katoa.

Mariana Te Pou

Ko Mataatua toku waka
Ko Waikaremoana toku awa
Ko Maungapohatu toku maunga
Ko Tataiahape toku marae
Ko Ngati Raka toku hapu
Ko Ngai Tuhoe toku iwi
Ko Mariana Te Pou ahau

Kia ora koutou katoa. I am Mariana Te Pou and currently running for the position of Tumuaki (President) of Te Roopu Maori. Here is a little blurb about me. I grew up in Flaxmere in the sunny Hawkes bay region and dreamed about leaving and becoming independent. I can say Ive successfully achieved that big move. I enjoy playing sports, kapahaka, singing (in my room), playing guitar and most of all meeting people. I have completed a BSc in ANAT and a Dipgrad in Indigenous development. I proudly say I come from a background of sciences and arts. Currently I am working on research papers to further my university experience in postgraduate research. There are many reasons why I am running for Tumuaki but the biggest reason is I have a huge passion in supporting our Maori tauira (students). Overall I would like to thank you for reading my blurb and I hope it has given you enough background for your vote. GO VOTE NOW!! ☺

Awhi Wakefield

I te taha o tōku pāpā, ko Kai Tahu rāua ko Ngā Rauru ngā iwi
I te taha o tōku māmā, ko Ngāti Apa rāua ko Te Atihaunui-a-Papārangi ngā iwi
I whānau mai au ki Poihākena engari ko Whanganui tōku turangawaewae!
Ko Awhina Wakefield tōku ingoa, ko au tetahi kaitono mo te Tumuaki o Te Roopū Māori
Kia ora Whānau,
My name is Awhina but most of you know me as Skruffere!
The position I have chosen to run for is Tumuaki. In 2012 I was fortunate enough to be elected as Secretary and even though it was only 12 months in office, it was an experience that has helped me understand the processes that TRM makes. TRM is becoming a well-known organisation around the University thanks to the hard work of our previous executives. I want to ensure that these relationships grow stronger in order to provide the best possible service for our Māori tauira! Tumuaki is not only about being an organiser it is also about being a political advocate for Māori issues, my experience as a Politics major has given me the theory behind such processes and my time in 2012 has given the practical side!
Kia ora koutou ☺

Tumuaki Tuarua (Vice President)

Arleen McLaren (see above)

Te Hau White

Kia ora my name is Te Hau White and I am running for the Tumuaki Tuarua (Vice President) of Te Roopu Māori for 2014. I am from Hokianga and am affiliated with Te Rarawa and Kai Tahu. I am a second year studying politics, I also intend on doing a post-graduate diploma in management. I have been actively involved with TRM activities and have attended the last two Huinga Tauira. I believe that I have the right qualities for this role. I am hard working, enjoy a laugh, have decent chat, am committed and love a challenge.

Communications Officer

Porourangi Templeton

Tena Koutou Katoa
Ko Porourangi toku ingoa
You may have seen me in such films as Ngāti Scarfie or Confessions of a Māoriholic. But this time round I intend to land the role of Communications Officer in the upcoming movie Te Rito 2014. In order to achieve this outstanding role I will need YOUR help. You can help by simply voting for me in the upcoming elections. If I am successful, I will personally add a little touch of awesomeness to the role. So vote for me whānau and remember...Don't hate, communicate! Kia Ora #PTR 4 TRM


Mauao te maunga
Tauranga te moana
Ngata Ranginui me Ngaiterangi nga iwi
Ko Marcelle Wharerau ahau.

Kia ora Im Marcelle, some people like to call me Mahere ☺ Im running for the Communications Officer on Te Rito for 2014 because when I was first-year, the only reason I wanted to come to TRM and TRM events was because I knew someone who was on Te Rito. All students, first-years in particular, need that encouragement to get amongst the amazingness that is Te Roopu Maori a home-away-from-home, a family. I. Will. Be. That encouragement. #CommunicationsOfficer #TRM #TeRito2014

Education and Culture Officer

Jess Massey

Kia ora koutou Ko Jess tōku ingoa nō Rotorua ahau. Im currently in my 3rd year at Otago studying a BPhed and a BA in Indigenous development. Over the past 3 years in Dunedin my perception of the significance that education has in Māori society has definitely increased. I have had previous experience on a Māori students executive when I was elected on to the Physical Education Māori Association (PEMA) executive in 2011. I have a passion for education and Māori culture both of which are crucial for this role. I am approachable, reliable and always keen to help others.

Events and Social

Deinda Stanway

Kia Ora Whanau. Ko Dee toku ingoa. No Tauranga ahau. I am in my 5th year of Law and International Business and am keen to make my last year a memorable one as your Events and Social Coordinator for 2014. Most of you know me as the one who loves to be hitting that D-floor but after 5 years in Dunedin I have also learnt how to organise a pretty killer social event as well. I am hard working, committed to making 2014 the best year yet and have heaps of ideas to make it amazing! Love You Guys.Mwaaaaaah

Welfare and Recreation Officer

Tyson Tautari

E noho Tuheitia, e tu Taihana (Tyson)
Kia ora whānau ko Tyson (Taihana) toku ingoa.
I am a supportive, encouraging and a motivating person who enjoys getting involved with sports and anything of a physical nature ;) lol. I will be fit for the welfare and recreation officer position because I have the welfare of our rakatahi at heart!
A vote for me is a vote for VICTORY
Rere Rere Hau
Pai Marire

Finance Officer

Renee Brown

Kia Ora. Ko Renee Brown toku ingoa (a.k.a Reyonc). Im currently studying Maori and Accounting. Im interested in incorporating a Quadruple bottom line to Te Rito next year. My past experience as an intern at the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) will endeavor to provide our roopu with effective and efficient finances.
Now the boring things are out of the way: Vote for me and Ill make sure we have enough money to bond throughout 2014.
You never know I might even throw in a solo for you guys.
Churr xox
Posted 8:54pm Sunday 22nd September 2013 by Staff Reporter.