At Last! OUSA Is Incomplete Again!

At Last! OUSA Is Incomplete Again!

OUSA is holding yet another by-election, for the position of Post-Graduate Officer, following the departure of Victoria Koszowski.

Critic speculates that Victoria valiantly resigned after hearing murmurs that students were disappointed they hadn't had enough opportunities to vote this year.

Post-grads can vote, by electronic means only, from Tuesday July 24 at 9am. Voting closes on July 26 at 4pm. Forms and information can be found at OUSA reception. Only postgraduate students are eligible to vote.

Results will be announced on Critic’s Facebook page, the OUSA website, on the front door of the OUSA office, and through Critic and Radio One any time from 4.20pm on July 26.

The Returning Officer for these elections will be Sophie Riley, who is responsible for overseeing the campaigning and voting.

Here is your candidate - Maria Pozza

“The role of the OUSA postgraduate representative is not to be taken lightly. It involves representing a dynamic group of individuals who make up the richness of the Postgraduate Community. It involves the utilisation of diplomatic, organisational, and motivational skills. The ability to listen, advocate, and represent is a key element of this role. Whoever takes on this important role will become the representative of this community and their interests, responsible to both OUSA and the Postgraduate Community. As a PhD candidate and a member of both OUSA and the Postgraduate Community, it would be both a pleasure and a privilege to utilise my diplomatic, organisational and motivational skills to represent our collective interests. I look forward to listening to and advocating for your concerns and representing the OUSA Postgraduate community.”
This article first appeared in Issue 17, 2012.
Posted 10:46am Sunday 22nd July 2012 by Zane Pocock.