Edgar Woos Ladyhawke to Re-O

Edgar Woos Ladyhawke to Re-O

OUSA has announced the line-up for Re-Orientation 2012, which is to be held in the first week of Semester Two on 11 – 14 July. OUSA President Logan Edgar is “pretty fucking excited” about the line-up, which will include Ladyhawke, Kora, Chopper Read and Paul Ego.

Re-Orientation will coincide with the re-opening of a newly renovated Union Hall, where many of the events will be held. OUSA President Logan Edgar has promised the new venue “is going to be special.”

Edgar was particularly impressed with himself for attracting “pretty prominent” London-based Ladyhawke as this year’s lead act. The Wellington-born singer has just finished recording her new album “Anxiety”. Speaking to Critic, Ladyhawke described the “energetic live show” she will be performing in Dunedin as “a bit more rocky and raw than it is on the recording.”

Critic is hugely disappointment at OUSA’s decision not to include a Carnival Day in this year’s line up. The promised Carnival Day, which was successfully organised in 2009, failed to take place as advertised during Re-O Week last year. Unfortunately, OUSA’s inability to source sufficient dwarves and ponies to meet the demands of University of Otago Students has left organisers with no choice but to abandon the event. Critic has received reports that OUSA considered hosting a University Ball, but did not receive enough positive feedback for the event to go ahead, with the prospect of sustaining a romantic courtship for the length of an entire evening thought to be too much of an effort by most.

Some students have been quick to criticise the line up, with a second-year commenting, “it’s looking pretty unimpressive.” In response, Edgar pointed out that “it’s not seven nights of partying like O-Week. Just a couple of good nights and a laugh.”

Non-OUSA run events have also been planned for the week, with 900 guests confirmed on Facebook for the Castle Street Keg Race when Critic went to print. Edgar scoffed at claims that the Keg Race would outshine OUSA’s attempts at events planning. “It’s never going to be Hyde Street. Last year, it was just cold and shit.”
This article first appeared in Issue 13, 2012.
Posted 7:40pm Sunday 27th May 2012 by Bella Macdonald.