Foreigners rejoice! Democracy for all!

Foreigners rejoice! Democracy for all!

It’s by-election time yet again! Oh yes people, yet another chance to demonstrate your zeal for practicing democracy, if you’re an international student anyway. OUSA needs a new International Student Officer, and voting is open (to international students) from 9am May 28 until 4pm June 1.

It shouldn’t be too hard to decide, there is only one option. But she still has to beat no confidence, so get voting foreigners.

Nominee Yee Min Chua (Min)
Nominated by Catherline Suleen Fletcher
Seconded by Tong Seng Teh

Hi everyone

My name is Yee Min Chua from Malaysia and a third year Pharmacy student at the Otago University. Yes, that means business. Being a Pharmacy school student made me realise the need for students to learn to have fun while studying and how to gain the most out of the whole university experience. Many international students who have just enrolled at the university may feel intimidated by the new atmosphere that Dunedin has to offer. I think that it is about time somebody steps up to the challenge of being the International Rep and let everyone know about the awesome learning experience international students can get while studying at the university.

I am currently the International Cultural Council (ICC) President and we are working on a few projects to showcase the variety of international cultures assembled here in Dunedin. We have hosted the ICC Sports Day few weeks back and achieved out target of ‘multinational peace through sports’. I also feel privileged to have the opportunity as ICC President to work with OUSA in hosting the upcoming International Food Festival and International Cultural Night which I know are among the most anticipated events for many international students.

No matter how far away you are from your hometown, my aim is to make everyone feel at home in Dunedin. If I get elected as the OUSA International Students Officer, I promise to do my very best to cater to the welfare of all international students and I believe that my involvement working with OUSA will help. I am easily approached and by being the voice of international students here at the university, I believe that as a team, we (all the international students) can make the whole Scarfie experience amazing.
This article first appeared in Issue 12, 2012.
Posted 7:58pm Sunday 20th May 2012 by Yee Min Chua.