Polytech member slams student butts

An Otago Polytechnic lecturer has slammed students for littering cigarette butts on the streets outside the institution, saying that inconsiderate smokers "make it look like a British council estate".
Speaking to the ODT, design department staff member Simon Swale despaired of the situation, saying that despite the Polytechnic being nominally smoke-free, the presence of "tribes of smoking students" was lowering the tone ofthe place.
In the spirit of investigative journalism, Critic headed down to the Polytech smoking ‘hotspot’ described in the ODT to find out student views on why some students were despoiling the pristine concrete of the Polytechnic they attend.
One student Critic spoke to blamed the littering on a lack of bins and laziness. Another student said that the littering was symbolic of an existential backlash against the bourgeoisie who controlled the Polytech design department.
Critic was unsure which of these explanations was better so chose to publish them both.
Meanwhile, sources inside Critic’s senior management team speculated that the ODT published the slightly whiny article as part of its commitment to report on every minor complaint raised about students by anyone over the age of 30 in the wider Dunedin area.
Posted 3:22am Monday 12th September 2011 by Gregor Whyte.