Critic’s power and influence growing.

Critic’s hard-hitting journalism has successfully forced the ODT to redesign the ‘On Campus’ website after Critic’s groundbreaking coverage of an alleged ‘nefarious alliance’ between the ODT and the Otago Polytechnic (see Critic Issue 14, page 13).

In June the ODT redesigned their website to split the ‘On Campus’ news section into Polytech news and University news, outrageously placing the Polytech’s news tab above that of the University’s. When Critic visited the ODT website last week however the situation had been reversed, with University news rightly occupying pride of place above that of the Polytech.

At the time of the initial slight Critic speculated that a deal had been done between the ODT and the Polytech to facilitate this damaging blow to the University’s feelings. No hard evidence was ever provided to back up this outrageous claim.

In the spirit of continued speculation Critic is now taking credit for the website reversal, with Critic Editor Julia Hollingsworth telling Critic, “I feel this is a real victory for us. Once again our hard-nosed, never-say-die coverage has resulted in the ODT realising the error of their ways and I am pleased to see that they have quietly corrected their egregious mistake.” Hollingsworth also took the time to brazenly point out that Critic’s Facebook page has more friends than the ODT’s page. We is popular.
Posted 11:35pm Monday 11th July 2011 by Gregor Whyte.