North D Speed Cam Catches 207 in 30 Minutes

North D Speed Cam Catches 207 in 30 Minutes

“New World doesn’t close for another 20 bro, chill”

207 motorists were caught speeding in the span of 30 minutes in the North Dunedin area thanks to Transport Minister Simeon Brown’s targeted speed restriction plan. It was reported that almost seven speedsters were caught every minute to the dismay of Senior Sergeant Karl Hemmingsen. 

The 207 incidents come after a reversal of the previous Labour government’s speed restrictions in favour of a more targeted approach by the National-led government. Variable speed limits around school pickup and drop-offs is Brown’s approach “to boost economic growth and improve road safety, enabling Kiwis to get to where they want to go, quickly and safely,” according to a statement from the Beehive. 

In addition to this policy, Waka Kotahi will assume control of all the country’s mobile cameras, as well as 150 fixed speed cameras from Police. Dunedin city currently has three static speed cameras, a number which could significantly increase in line with these changes. 

“Later this year, we will also publish new objectives for road safety which focus on safer roads, safer drivers, and safer vehicles. This will target the highest contributing factors in fatal road crashes, particularly alcohol and drugs,” said Brown. In line with these changes, the government announced speed increases to 110kph on expressways, as well as variable speed limits where safe. 

With Dunedin set to be significantly impacted by these policies, Critic Te Ārohi went out to ask students if they thought the changes would affect them. One student simply said, “Oh wow,” not claiming any knowledge on why so many speeding incidents took place. Holly* did suggest that “When they hide [speed cameras] in little spots like that, it would probably help, especially when they hide them in a school.” Quizzed on whether the changes would impact students, Holly said, “Oh definitely, I am personally a bit of a speeder.”

Another student, James, said he had “heard stories about people putting in speed cameras for the purpose of collecting money and treating it like tax […] it’s not like that all the time though.” As for his opinion on the changes being made: “Everyone will get caught out, not just students.” Looks like burnout season is over folks.

This article first appeared in Issue 12, 2024.
Posted 9:59pm Sunday 19th May 2024 by Gabrielle Scott.