Non-Student Kicked Out of OUSA Sauna

Non-Student Kicked Out of OUSA Sauna

Sweaty hooligan spun shit yarns

A non-student has been permanently banned from the OUSA Clubs and Socs building following a sauna incident where the patron caused “discomfort for other users within that session,” according to OUSA’s Clubs and Societies Operations Manager Jamie Leckie. 

Leckie told Critic Te Ārohi that, although he couldn’t comment on the specifics of the views expressed by the non-student, they violated OUSA’s commitment to providing a “safe and inclusive environment.” He suggested that “careful consideration” was taken by the management team before the sauna patron was informed that “they were no longer welcome back in the building.” Though OUSA Clubs and Societies prevent non-students from accessing services such as free breakfast and $4 lunch, the sauna is available for public use, though the majority of users are students. 

The OUSA sauna has an emergency button which directly alerts a downstairs reception team trained in First Aid, situational awareness, and conflict resolution. Additionally, the booking system allows management to keep track of who is in which session and follow up with users if need be. Keys are allocated by staff to ensure only those who are authorised for the session may enter. 

In relation to the incident, Leckie stated that there is a “‘trespassing list for the centre, and if a person who is not allowed in the centre trespasses, we inform Campus Watch.” CCTV cameras located in common spaces within the centre inform this process. 

Following up on the issue, Critic Te Ārohi got in contact with OUSA’s Clubs and Socs representative Emma Jackson, who stated, “Some sort of order or thing is preventing the offender from coming back.” You’re real for that, Emma. 

One avid sauna user and student said they thought it was “hard to make a call about whether the management team’s response was right or wrong without knowing exactly what happened.” However, they stated they were satisfied that hearing each party out would’ve resulted in an educated decision. Solid reasoning. 

Leckie told Critic Te Ārohi that he hopes more of the community can make use of the space, but the priority of the OUSA Clubs and Societies team is to keep sauna users safe and happy.  A clear set of protocols – criteria which greatly informed their decision in this instance – are in place so you can get your sweat on without worry.

This article first appeared in Issue 6, 2024.
Posted 9:45pm Friday 5th April 2024 by Hanna Varrs.