Night at the Museum: Hoedown After Dark

Posted 7:34pm Sunday 26th May 2024 by Hanna Varrs

On a cold, breezy night, Critic Te Ārohi strapped on RM Williams boots and Harry Styles-esque cowgirl hats and wandered on over to the biggest event the country folk of Dunedin have ever seen: the Hoedown After Dark, held by the Tūhura Otago Museum and OUSA.  Hosted from 7-10pm on Read more...

Madam President: Can She Read?

Posted 8:26pm Sunday 26th May 2024 by Nina Brown

Every celebrity has fallen victim to the rumour mill. Jamie Foxx died and was replaced by a clone; Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were boning during their One Direction days; Keanu Reeves is immortal; Khloé Kardashian is OJ Simpson’s daughter; Jennifer Lawrence faked her 2013 Oscars Read more...

EXCLUSIVE! Salacious OUSA Exec Quotes

Posted 7:32pm Sunday 26th May 2024 by Hugh Askerud

It’s difficult to know what else lies behind the big green door of our OUSA overlords (exec). Love? Gossip? Rivalry? Sex? Murder? Armed with a pen, a notepad, and explicit orders from the editor to source a tabloid-worthy insider scoop, Critic Te Ārohi’s News Editor went to find out Read more...

Editorial: Vote ‘Yes’ to Sexy Garfield

Posted 2:55pm Sunday 19th May 2024 by Nina Brown

The OUSA referendum is coming up. Referendums are essentially one of the biggest ways students can influence the policies and stance of OUSA. Not that any of you noticed, but a couple weeks ago the OUSA exec were inviting students to submit questions that will be put to the student body on May 27th Read more...

OUSA Referendum Incoming

Posted 10:03pm Sunday 19th May 2024 by Nina Brown

On May 27th, the OUSA Referendum will be up and running. Students will be sent the link to an online survey, giving you the ability to vote on matters close to home like accessibility, cost of living, academia, and recreation. It’s a bit like the Critic Census, but with lawyers and tangible Read more...

Frontiers of Scarfiedom: The Legacy of the Capping Cult

Posted 4:33pm Saturday 11th May 2024 by Nina Brown

Now in its 130th year, the Capping Show is a time capsule of the ever-evolving Otago University student culture. To recap Capping – and reuse a joke that Critic has made time and again in our 99 years writing about it – what began as a 19th century flash mob of sorts during graduation Read more...

OUSA Exec Times Gives Critic Te Ārohi the Boot

Posted 4:48pm Saturday 11th May 2024 by Hugh Askerud

Feuds are unwinding in the student community after the OUSA executive released ‘The Exec Times’, an Instagram news bulletin literally doing the job Critic Te Ārohi is designed to. The first edition dropped on May 2nd – on a Thursday, no less! – introduced to students Read more...

He Whakapapa Māori, He Māori Koe

Posted 5:20pm Saturday 11th May 2024 by Gemella Reynolds-Hatem

Nau mai ki Ōtākou Whakaihu Waka!  Kia Ora e te whānau,   He uri tēnei nō ngāi Tahu, Ngāi Tahu poutini, waitaha, ngāti Mamoe, syria me lebanon anō hoki Ko au te tumuaki takirua o Te Rōpū Māori i tēnei Read more...

Introducing Your Political Rep

Posted 7:47pm Sunday 5th May 2024 by Liam White

Kia ora, everyone! I’m Liam and I’m your OUSA Political Rep for 2024. For those of you who were here last year, I was the guy with the shit campaign posters in the bathrooms (don’t forget to follow @ousaexec and @liam_ousa _pols on Instagram for updates). I get asked a lot what I Read more...

Foreign Object Found in $4 Lunch

Posted 7:51pm Sunday 5th May 2024 by Hugh Askerud

OUSA CEO Debbie Downs reported to the Exec at their meeting last Tuesday that a “small sharp foreign object” had been found in a student’s $4 lunch on April 18th. OUSA Prez Keegan was distraught – soup day is her favourite day. The Exec also expressed their concerns for the Read more...

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