New Queen St. Facebook Group Claims to Have No Freshers

New Queen St. Facebook Group Claims to Have No Freshers

Okay fresher…

The smell of a fresh Dunedin street Facebook group is in the air again with the creation of ‘QUEEN/GEORGE 24’. And wow, it's not got the one thing all of Dunedin claims to despise: fucking freshers (or so they reckon). If you're wondering why you need another platform to buy fake Baseline tickets from or post about empty rooms for rent, so are we. 

The admin of the Facebook page is anonymous, their profile labelled as simply QUEEN GEORGE in diehard respect for the group. QUEEN GEORGE also refused to comment when Critic Te Ārohi got in touch. How mysterious. Conversely, little was left to interpretation in the page’s description, stating, “Strickly 3rd year + post your hosts scammers/dickheads will be removed.” Fuck those loser fucks on Castle Street, aye guys.

Response to the group has been overwhelming, with over 950 members joining only two days after its creation. However, only two posts have been made so far, aside from an initial post by the admin. Of note was a poll posted by someone by the name of ‘Hugh Askerud’ (who the fuck are ya mate) asking people which Otago sporting outfit they would be watching over the weekend. Of 57 answers, 52% of the group said they would be watching the Highlanders, and 28% claimed to be watching ‘your mum’. 

When asked about the ‘QUEEN/GEORGE 24’ hype, third-year student Jemima commented, “I didn’t even know this page existed and I probably wouldn't post my host because my lounge would end up in the downstairs bedrooms.” Fair.

The admin’s identity is further shrouded in intrigue by the widespread belief that everyone is the admin, as group members have the ability to accept or decline the entrance of their own Facebook friends.

If you have information about the identity of QUEEN GEORGE or are in fact the aforementioned QUEEN GEORGE yourself, please come forward (this is Critic Te Ārohi’s Roman Empire).

This article first appeared in Issue 6, 2024.
Posted 9:40pm Friday 5th April 2024 by Molly Smith-Soppet.