Dogs of Dunedin

Dogs of Dunedin

Tom Tremewan runs the adorable Instagram page Dogs of Dunedin NZ, chronicling the bestest boyes and gurls in Dunedin. Critic caught up with him for a hard-hitting interview. 


Where did the idea for this gram come from?

It started off with me sending snapchats to my friends of every dog I'd meet around Dunedin, which lead to me posting them on my Instagram. I guess people really liked seeing dogs on their timeline, and a few friends encouraged me to start a dedicated account so that I could share the joy with others.


What’s your favourite thing about dogs?

Dogs are the most wonderful things on earth. They love selflessly and unconditionally, they're loyal, and are enormously empathetic. They possess a lot of really admirable traits that humans often struggle with. You know that saying, "be the person your dog thinks you are?” I like that, because dogs give so much to us and expect nothing in return, I feel like we shouldn't let them down.


What makes a dog worthy of Dogs of Dunedin NZ Instagram?

Every dog is worthy! I always check to make sure the dog's okay with me approaching it and patting it first. If it doesn't like me, I leave it alone. It also depends on how long they can sit still for a quick photo – most dogs get far too excited to be able to get a good photo.


What’s your favourite type of dog?

Such a hard question! If I had to pick one, I think I'd choose Labradors because they're incredibly friendly, laid-back, are great with small children, and when they wag their tails their whole butt wags too which always makes me laugh.


Who is the goodest boy you ever met?

A couple of years ago I signed up to walk dogs for the sick, elderly, and disabled. I was tasked with walking this enormous 83kg Rottweiler called Missy, who had absolutely no social skills and was really poorly trained. It took a while for me to gain her trust, but when I did she turned into the sweetest dog in the world. I ended up walking her every week for over a year, and house sitting for her when her owner needed surgery. Sadly in the end though, she had to be given up. I still miss her.


What Dunedin route would you recommend taking to find the most dogs?

Definitely St Kilda and St Clair beach on a Saturday! The Perc in St Clair is a prime location.


Dogs, Doggos, Dodge or Woofer?

I'm partial to a big boofer or a smol pupperino.


Thank you for your time!

​Thank you for the lovely chat! If you see a dog today, please smile at the immeasurable joy that it brings someone :)

This article first appeared in Issue 17, 2018.
Posted 12:29am Monday 30th July 2018 by Jessica Thompson Carr.