Moaningful Confessions | The Taste of Medicine

Moaningful Confessions | The Taste of Medicine

It was a cool autumn day. We were in level-2 and my balls were blue. The COVID-19 lockdown had restrained me, but now I was free. 

A girl messaged me on Instagram. I vaguely knew her from a martial arts group. She asked if I wanted to get a drink. I don’t drink, but I accepted anyway. 

We went to one of the bars in the Octagon, the one with all the fake plants. I love plants. I was already turned on. She was very pretty. Red haired, fair complexion. Tall with large, supple breasts.

We discussed our lives in the face of COVID-19. She said she had been living in a flat by herself. I felt sorry for her, all alone in a house, only her and the vast quantitties of porn on the internet. She talked a lot about watching porn on the internet which is, you know, Interesting?

Anyway, she asked if I wanted to go back to her house. I’d never wanted anything more. As we entered her apartment I noticed a pair of men’s shoes. I didn’t mention it. 

She showed me some photos of a trip she had taken to Asia. It was pretty funny she had seen a panda in Japan but a japanese monkey in China. She made me a hot chocolate, which was honestly like the sweetest thing.

She invited me to her bedroom. She put on an Andrews Sisters vinyl and we were in the mood. We did some liberal over the pants stuff. She suggested we go a bit further. I couldn’t decline. As we got undressed on her double sized bed, my one fear came to life. 

I’ve often thought I’m kinda unique looking. Like I have some features, definite eyebrows, curly hair, all that shabang. But this guy that walked in, he looked just like me. Okay he was a bit taller, and vaguely a bit better looking. But jeez if I had seen a photo of him I would probably would have said it was me. 

He started crying. Words were thrown from him to her. From what I could make out he had cheated on her just when we got out of lockdown and she was giving him a taste of his own medicine. Unfortunately for me, she wouldn’t be tasting my medicine. I said I was just gonna go quietly. Neither of them noticed. I walked home as it started raining. I wish I could say I went back to the bar and picked up some other lady but I just felt so puzzled by the whole event I just went home and had a bath. 

This article first appeared in Issue 14, 2020.
Posted 9:44pm Thursday 6th August 2020 by Sinkpiss Plath.