Vape Review | Duo Salts Kiwi and Strawberry

Vape Review | Duo Salts Kiwi and Strawberry

What is with all fucking vape flavours and having either Kiwi or Strawberry? Like seriously, any sort of fruity vape flavour has one or the other, and I’m sick of it. Artificial Kiwifruit tastes like shit. I would rather rub the furry side of the skin on my tongue than have something kiwifruit flavoured. Why are there only particular fruits that are made into vape juices, that always somehow are linked to berries? Why can’t you buy a banana flavoured vape? Where are all the experimental vape juices? I want a vape that tastes like the skin from a fresh piece of KFC Chicken or movie theatre popcorn - not more boring fruit bullshit. When first smelling this Duo Salts Kiwi and Strawberry flavour, it literally smelt like nail polish remover. I couldn’t wait to fill my lungs with it.

It had a pretty high nicotine content (25mg) and it lowkey looked like it had destroyed my coil, but that wasn’t a sign of dangerous things to come. My rising expectations were quickly squashed. The Kiwifruit flavour is about as bland as the National cabinet. It tasted like nothing and yet disgusting at the same time, with no real depth or flavour to it. The only real hit I could get was a slight taste of strawberry at the end, which wasn’t enough to save it. Critic Illustrator Asia likened it to “eating playdoh as a kid”, while Designer Molly said it tasted like “a bag of week-old lettuce that’s going off in your fridge”. No one could determine what the flavour was without being told first, which is a bad sign for any vape juice.

I felt lied to by this vape juice. The Kiwifruit is so subpar that I would rather rub my tongue on old Kiwifruit skin than taste it again. The strawberry was nice, but was so reminiscent of this one Hello Kitty body spray I had growing up. I feel lied to by this flavour. I’m hurt, angry, and just want some better tasting juices in my life.

Tasting Notes: Vitamin gummies your mum made you eat.

Makes You Feel: Lied too, deceived, hoodwinked.

Pairs Well With: The taste of a burnt coil.

This article first appeared in Issue 11, 2020.
Posted 7:43pm Thursday 16th July 2020 by Critic.