Critic Booze Reviews | Issue 3

Critic Booze Reviews | Issue 3

Critic Booze Review: Odd Company’s The Cheeky One

If you haven’t been to Leith Liquor in the past week or so, you’re probably wondering, what the fuck is this drink? Let me enlighten you.

Sick of Long Whites being the only alcohol I can manage to stomach after years of drinking, I accidentally made eye contact with a lady at Liquorland giving out free samples. She quickly convinced me to buy these cans of peach and passionfruit vodka with sparkling water.

Keen to try something new, I was pleasantly surprised that on the first sip I could taste zero vodka. The sweet, fruity taste overpowers any trace of alcohol, but manages to taste bitter at the same time. The peach strongly overpowers the passionfruit, which only pops its head out when it’s sliding down your throat. Yet the passionfruit gives a lil bit of tang to what otherwise feels like drinking a pre-licked Cyclone popsicle that has melted in a bucket of angry water.

The Cheeky One claims to have less sugar than competitive RTDs due to the sparkling water replacing typical sodas. So my ass felt like a skinny queen living out my skinny fantasies when I drank this bitch.

The contents look like you’re drinking fizzy water, so pour it into your drink bottle and drink it whenever you want. Maybe take it to Unipol tomorrow morning. Maybe don’t.

This drink has a respectable 1.3 standards, 5% per can, but only comes in a 10-pack making it difficult for a thiccy like me to pass out from drinking it. As okay as it may taste, the price is a wallet-robbing, course-related-cost-emptying, $23.99. I could buy two Nitros for that and have leftover money for spearmint gum to hide the shame on my breath.\

Would I buy this again? Probably. Because, unlike Cruisers, this drink doesn’t remind me of the hearts I broke when I peaked in Year 12 (Darius call me, I miss you). If you want to burp constantly, look like a high school girl, and suck at waterfalls then this drink is for you.

Taste Rating: <3/10

Froth Level: Hannah babe, those scrunchies look so hot on you hun x

Pairs Well With: Crying and listening to Lizzo

Tasting notes: Feeling old

This article first appeared in Issue 3, 2020.
Posted 5:48pm Thursday 5th March 2020 by Critic.