UoO Moaningful Confessions | Virtual Vikings and Vixens

UoO Moaningful Confessions | Virtual Vikings and Vixens

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This one’s a different one than usual but hear me out. This happened sometime 2016-2017, where a young fresh eyed undergrad me in his time not studying would sometimes occasionally hang out on an adult online multiplayer game. It was cheesy, it was dumb, but the roleplay was fun and it’s not like my real life action was going anywhere.

One normal looking day I received a message from a girl Mary* asking to chat. We natter, we hit it off, and she mentions she’s from Norway. Hey cool, I have another friend, Tom*, from Norway online right now, maybe she’d like to meet him? She says sure, we all hang out online, and it’s a fun time. As it turns out, they live in the same town, and she’s even a big fan of his heavy metal band. What are the odds? For me in NZ it’s starting to get late, so I’m about to head off to bed, and they make plans to meet up the next day and “hang out”.

I log on the next day to find Tom online and ask him how the date went. He tells me how they met up, got along like a house on fire, had coffee, hit up a movie, then headed back home. Turns out Mary was an absolute beast in the sack. Deep throat, anal, choking, you name it, they did it. Mary logs on and I congratulate her, and she thanks me for linking them up, wishing I could have been there too (sigh). I can’t be in Norway, but we could take it to a hotel room and play a bit online though, right?

We take it to a virtual hotel room where things quickly turn erotic. Mary asks if I’d be interested in sharing Tom, who’s in the mood for a bit of being dominated. Sounds hot, so we get started. The roleplay was fun, tying him up and teasing him. After a while Mary has to head off to work, so she leaves me with him to “finish the job” and promises to meet up with Tom later that night. It’s getting late so I spend a while playing out a blowjob, get my rocks off, say goodnight then head to bed.

Day 3 I log on to find Tom online, I ask if Mary came over like she promised. She did, but it was…different. When Mary got there she asked what we got up to after she had left, and Tom told her. She lost her mind, accusing him of cheating on her with me, and destroying Tom’s apartment. Tom tries to calm her down but she won’t have any of it, biting and kicking. She begins throwing things around, destroying his rare vinyl collection and his instruments. She throws a few knives at him that if they got any closer could have done some serious damage. Eventually she leaves, and Tom is left in a smashed up flat worse for wear. I check my friends list and sure enough, Mary’s account is deleted, and that’s the last we ever heard from her.

TL;DR: Almost caused a murder in Norway because I roleplayed a blowjob online.

This article first appeared in Issue 23, 2019.
Posted 12:04am Friday 13th September 2019 by Critic.