UoO Moaningful Confessions | The Ear Piercing Pegger

UoO Moaningful Confessions | The Ear Piercing Pegger

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I had my bed against the wall of my flatmates room, and recently just got a girlfriend who is incredible in bed. Like dirty af, loves being choked, loves it super rough. Naturally, we’re pretty loud in the bedroom, I like to make her scream and moan, and get off hearing her beg me to fuck her harder. 

Little did I know, my best friend and flatmate next door could hear every little thing that we do (this isn’t just a one time thing, this is a 3pm in the afternoon stress reliever every day kind of thing). One night when he was drinking, he decided to awkwardly bring up the fact that he can hear absolutely everything including feeling the vibrations of my bed slamming against the wall of his room, and proceeded to lecture my girlfriend and I that it’s very awkward to talk to us because he hears us moaning almost every day. So, armed with this information, we decided to move the bed around to the other side of the room, hoping that he will get off my dick about being so loud. This was not the case, as my flatmates can still hear her scream with pleasure when I put it in her ass. Not only that, but the concrete wall my headboard is now against still makes just as much noise as having it against the wall to his room. 

So after a pretty drunken night, my girl and I are having the best sex we’ve had since we got together, and my flatmate walks in to have a conversation with me about getting maccas, while my girlfriend was fucking me so hard with a 7inch strap on, and a vibrator attached. All the while having to maintain a straight face while I was climaxing with him in the room. We spoke for 10 minutes and I came twice during that conversation. Don’t get me wrong, public fucking is my kink (and saved to my bookmarks in pornhub), but the greatest thing is he still has no idea, and I’m hoping there’ll be a next time. Even after all that heavy lifting and redecorating, I'm still the alpha in the flat ;)


~ Your friendly neighbourhood strapon-loving lesbian

This article first appeared in Issue 18, 2019.
Posted 8:01pm Sunday 4th August 2019 by Critic.