The Week We Were Too Busy to Read the ODT

This week ODT is a little bit different. In celebration of our ODT issue, and because we were too busy gossiping about OUSA to actually read the newspaper, ODT Watch presents our favourite excerpts from the last two years.  

To start there was that time that the ODT forgot what the word “arouses” means.  



Then there was that time that the ODT correctly identified a cucumber.



We’re still so proud of them. 


The ODT’s take on some people in Central Otago voting Labour last election was gold. 



Then the biggest news story from last year.



All of our normal swans are on loan from the Queen. The ducks are ours though (woop).


Then there was this.





Then there was the time that the ODT really wanted to report a disaster story but, inconveniently, there didn’t happen to be a disaster incoming. 



Then there was the time that an entire bridge opened in Central. Wild.



And finally, my personal favourite.


This article first appeared in Issue 25, 2018.
Posted 12:10am Friday 28th September 2018 by Charlie O’Mannin.