The Week the ODT Seriously Fucked Up

To start this week the ODT are awfully sure of themselves.



Excuse me; ODT Watch will be the judge of that, if you don’t mind. 


A gem from the Regions section.



“A-quack-tic” definitely made everyone at the ODT named Barry (the entire staff) orgasm embarrassingly loudly. 


Some classic ODT whinging, combined with some classic ODT weird sentence structure. 



Then the ODT seems convinced that all dog owners are going to face legal action.



The article is only about two people. Why not go with “Two dog owners to be prosecuted”. It’s literally the same number of characters.


Then the ODT have discovered a rare strain of sport in the wastelands of Central Otago.



Seriously, no one tell them about minigolf. It’ll blow their minds. 


Next, we turn to the ‘letters’ section. Also lovingly dubbed the ‘ODT readers reveal that none of them are younger than 95’ section.



This week the ODT made the decision to be incredibly racist for no reason. Starting with big old racist cartoonist Tremain, who drew this picture in 2018.



That was printed in 2018, in a newspaper dated 6/8/18. This is not from a racist World War 2 propaganda Disney film. It says something that even the ODT’s racism is archaic. 


And then this from the ‘Faith and Reason’ section



Sick of your shit, ODT, real sick.  


Finally, the ODT have seriously fucked up. Everything else pales in comparison to this monstrosity.   




This article first appeared in Issue 19, 2018.
Posted 10:26pm Sunday 12th August 2018 by Charlie O’Mannin.