The Post-Fact World | Issue 11

If you laid a blue whale in Wembley stadium end to end the game would be cancelled.

The shape of Shapes cracker is called a ‘shape shape’

On average a person will eat eight spiders in their life if they like eating spiders 

The "average person eats 8 spiders a year" factoid is actually a statistical error. The median person eats 0 spiders per year. Greg Hinderton, a mountain man, who lives in cave & eats over 10,000 each day, is an outlier and should not have been counted.

The cigarette lighter was originally invented as a bottle opener for forgetful people

If you try to eat a Polar Bear’s lover, you will die. 

No one has ever seen Mark Ruffalo naked and lived to tell the tale. 

The Wiggles were originally a rock n roll band that sang about doing sex and being on the drugs. ‘Fruit Salad’ was about kinky food sex and ‘Big Red Car’ was a coked up joyride in a stolen Ferrari. 

Dinosaurs actually had big ears but nobody knows that because ears don't have bones

There is a tribe in the Amazon that never cuts the umbilical cord

The average penis size is just a little bigger than yours

Because they have hair and produce milk, coconuts are technically mammals.

The sea is only 14% water

25% of the sun is helium, which is why it floats up in the sky

This article first appeared in Issue 11, 2018.
Posted 9:55pm Friday 11th May 2018 by Critic.