Poetry Corner | institutional blues



when theres shit in your shoes

and ant it the news

when youve done a u turn

and noone takes turns

left or right

or in between no-ones saying

 what they mean, institutional yellows

like custard pudd, voices in my head

saying do what you should

but they dont know the consequence

and nether do i

id rather catch an          aeroplane

than die

institutional blues

the cats in the family way

and my children are so far away

ive got the blues and a rip in my genes


its all double talk and coming loose at

seams, blues yeah yeah yeah


hues in the sky I don’t know why

blues without smokes


better do something soon

     i know ill catch a satellite to the moon

This article first appeared in Issue 20, 2017.
Posted 1:22pm Sunday 20th August 2017 by Vanessa.