Moaningful Confessions: Halloween Rendezvous

Moaningful Confessions: Halloween Rendezvous

It was Halloween. I got all dressed and ready into my costume, and boy did I feel sexy. Pairing that with many drinks later at a Halloween party, I thought I was hot shit. You know when you are feeling yourself so much that you just want someone else's hands all over you? Just me? Okay fine. Well that's exactly how I felt.

I spotted a guy from my first year and we had a chat – which subsequently ended with a drunk makeout behind the hosting flat. Crawling through all the other Halloween-goers, we ended up back at my flat. My flatmates had either passed out on the couch or were having their own Halloween rendezvous for the night. We start pulling off our costumes, and getting into it. And by “into it” I mean the messiest, sloppiest, most forgettable drunk sex imaginable. 

I do remember a lube packet popping and ending up in a weird sticky feathery mess all over my freshly cleaned bedsheets (why did I have to wear feathers). And at one point I ended up half naked in my kitchen, grabbing him a glass of water after a severe coughing fit (could this be pointed to the feathers again?)

Overall, sex was mediocre and I think he had a better time than I did (if he even remembers it). Let's just say I cannot look at a certain Adventure Time character the same way again. Trick or treat, indeed. 

This article first appeared in Issue 10, 2024.
Posted 6:43pm Sunday 5th May 2024 by Critic.