Debatable: Should you go on a date before sleeping with someone?

Debatable: Should you go on a date before sleeping with someone?

For: The Pope

After Covid, people tend to have an aversion to actually socialising, but they all still want a shag. Crazy concept talking to people, I know, but our parents managed to do it (for the most part) so why can’t you all? Hell, if you actually talk to the breatha or beezy you are rooting, you might find some hobbies in common. It’s far too common of an issue in this town; the infamous pump ‘n’ dump, the root ‘n’ scoot, or whatever you want to call it. Between social media and Covid lockdowns, it is almost as if we’ve forgotten how to socialise beyond the bare minimum shit party chat from a breatha who just sees you as a hole. When did the so-called dating scene become just going to parties, meeting someone, taking them home for a sub-par shag, and then slinking out the door (or window) at some ungodly hour as if it never happened. Also, shying away from having a fucking conversation with someone who’s seen you buck-ass naked is cringe. Not to mention the horror stories of people catching STDs and other diseases from sexual interaction with people that they don't really know. A date prior could also be seen as a sort of screening process — time to work out if they are really someone you want to sleep with, because you can't really work out someone's vibe when they are yelling in your ear at a party and you are both drunk. Besides, isn’t the sex usually better if you at least know the person’s name to scream? To summarise, do the mahi and you get the treats. You might even make a friend along the way.

Against: Samantha Jones 

Firstly, no. It’s pretty simple: if you both know you want to sleep with each other, and don’t feel like going on a date first, then there’s no reason not to. But part of you likely thinks that you should. Let’s unpack that: All of you have slept with someone you never went on a date with, and if you haven’t yet, you most likely will. The idea you should go on a date first is obviously not something that people practise, yet it’s still a deep seated social belief: “If you’re serious about someone, don’t have sex too soon,” (*cough* prude). However, at the same time, we also permit ‘hookup culture’ (which I’m obviously all for) as a method to have sex without the romantic commitment. Basically, whether you agree with it or not, they are both within the social norm. And both are sex. Drawing a distinction between dating and hookups seems practical, but is also detrimental. Fuck-buddies can turn into partners. You can go on dates with someone you know you don’t see anything serious with. Why does eating a meal together magically make sex okay now? A date is not a permission slip to fuck someone. 

This article first appeared in Issue 2, 2024.
Posted 4:04pm Saturday 2nd March 2024 by Critic.