Skuxx Food | Rocket Pesto

Skuxx Food | Rocket Pesto

This is my go-to pesto recipe as it makes HEAPS and is cheaper than making a traditional homemade pesto (which is made from fresh basil and pine nuts). Top tip: add this to some cooked pasta and your flatties will go wild. Check out @skuxxfood on Instagram for some pesto-pasta inspo. 

Makes a large jar-full. 


4-5 cloves of garlic, peeled. 

1 cup of roasted and salted cashews, roughly chopped if using a Nutribullet. 

100 grams of parmesan cheese, grated.  

A few teaspoons of lemon juice/the juice of half a lemon.

1 packet of baby rocket (around 100-120 grams). 

Salt to taste.

A lot of olive oil.  


You will need a food processor or Nutribullet. If using a Nutribullet, you may need to make the pesto in batches. 

Blend the garlic in the food processor until fine. 

Add the cashews, cheese, lemon juice, a pinch of salt, and around 6 tablespoons of olive oil. Blend until these ingredients have formed a paste-like consistency, adding more olive oil if needed. 

Now add the rocket in handfuls at time, along with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil one at a time. Continue this step until you have used the whole bag of rocket and enough olive oil to create a pesto-like consistency (thick but smooth). Serve and enjoy!

This article first appeared in Issue 6, 2022.
Posted 6:41pm Friday 1st April 2022 by Rosie Joyce @skuxxfood.