Fuck, I Canít Cook!

Posted 6:00pm Sunday 25th July 2021 by Alice Taylor

Like most good things in life, cooking lasagne takes time, effort and emotional energy. But it is well worth it. If you feel like devoting a few hours into making something quite extraordinary, then I encourage you to cook this recipe. I have intentionally made this lasagne quite large because if Read more...

Fuck, I Canít Cook!

Posted 4:41pm Sunday 18th July 2021 by Alice Taylor

Creamy Thai Carrot and Coconut Soup  This recipe is inspired by the most delicious carrot soup that my flatmate cooks. I love to make it at the start of the week, freeze it in ziplock bags, and then I have lunch ready to go whenever I need it. I have not cooked pumpkin soup since I made Read more...

Fuck, I Canít Cook!

Posted 1:47pm Tuesday 13th July 2021 by Alice Taylor

I am an advocate for potato in any form, but bangers and mash is one of my favorite ways to consume this glorious food. On countless occasions, I plan to cook this meal, then give up on the bangers and eat the mash by itself. I encourage you to cook the whole dish – it is utterly Read more...

Fuck, I Canít Cook!

Posted 12:59am Monday 24th May 2021 by Alice Taylor

M&M Cookies    I find that cookies are a solution to most of life’s tough problems. Is your friend heartbroken? Bake them cookies. Are you stressed? Bake yourself cookies? Friend’s birthday, but you’re poor? Cookies. Need to say sorry? Cookies. To conclude this Read more...

Fuck, I Canít Cook!

Posted 5:12pm Sunday 16th May 2021 by Alice Taylor

Bacon, Broccoli and Pea Risotto  This is my go-to recipe for when I don’t want to wash up lots of pots and pans. It’s simple, it’s delicious, and everyone loves it. My favourite thing to do with a risotto is to add camembert or brie cheese. I know it sounds a bit weird, but Read more...

Fuck, Iím Cold!

Posted 4:17pm Sunday 9th May 2021 by Alice Taylor

Congratulations my friends, we have unofficially descended into Dunedin’s bone-chilling winter. As I struggle to come to terms with this reality, I have been comforting my soul with this Potato and Leek Soup. This recipe is perfect for those chilly days, and it won’t break the bank Read more...

Fuck, I Have Scurvy!

Posted 8:17pm Sunday 2nd May 2021 by Alice Taylor

Veggie Fajitas (to help you avoid scurvy) Though I am a passionate advocate for beige food, I am also passionately against scurvy, that terrible thing my mother threatened I would get if I didn’t eat my peas for dinner. If you feel like it is time to be kind to that beautiful body of yours, Read more...

Fuck, I'm in Love!

Posted 1:14am Sunday 11th April 2021 by Alice Taylor

I passionately believe that the most effective way to tell your special someone you love them is through the gift of chocolate in molten form. These gooey chocolate puddings are so easy to make and will make the person you give it to feel very special. And if you don’t happen to have another Read more...

Fuck I Canít Cook!

Posted 1:51pm Sunday 21st March 2021 by Alice Taylor

The bank account is looking marginal. The novelty of university has been corrupted with the arrival of assignment due dates. Washing is piling up, and you accidently put a black sock in your whites and turned everything a dull shade of grey. It’s that time of university, my friends, where we Read more...

Fuck, I Canít Cook!

Posted 12:55pm Sunday 7th March 2021 by Alice Taylor

Post-O Week, students stand united by two experiences. Experience one is an immobilizing hangover induced by weeklong drinking. Experience two is the sinking feeling of looking at an empty bank account, which has also been induced by weeklong drinking.  When it comes to these dire times, we Read more...

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