Batshit Crazy Mother Fucker Nathan Laurie

Posted 12:20pm Friday 20th November 2020 by Fibi Barkman

It’s been a year and a half with President Nathan Laurie in the hot seat of the Otago Polytechnic Students Association. He described himself as a “batshit crazy motherfucker” no less than 8 separate times throughout the interview, but in reality he is a careful, if not Read more...

OP Students Meet Your New El Presidente

Posted 3:05pm Thursday 5th November 2020 by Fibi Barkman

87 Otago Polytechnic students voted for the one and only option in the recent Otago Polytechnic Students’ Association (OPSA) presidential election: Level 3 Foundations student Ezra “Ewok” Tamati. Critic caught up with him on a rainy afternoon in the Hub to get to know him, and to Read more...

OPSA Decision on NZUSA Deferred Until November

Posted 2:36pm Thursday 29th October 2020 by Fibi Barkman

Otago Polytechnic students have voted to defer the decision on whether or not to join NZUSA for a month, to allow for an information session on what NZUSA actually is. OPSA President Nathan Laurie put the question of if OPSA should rejoin NZUSA at their special general meeting (SGM) on October Read more...

OUSA Sends Letter Following Associate Membership Rejection

Posted 2:11pm Thursday 29th October 2020 by Sinead Gill

OUSA has circulated a letter to NZUSA’s National Executive following their rejected application for associate membership status. They want NZUSA to improve it’s application process and include a means to appeal decisions made at the National Executive. The OUSA Exec applied for Read more...

Fire and Circus Club Disaffiliated After Investigation

Posted 12:19pm Thursday 29th October 2020 by Sinead Gill

OUSA has disaffiliated the Dunedin Fire and Circus Club (DFCC), citing a breach of rules around student numbers in the club.  The investigation into the DFCC began in July, when members of the club raised concerns about the ratio of students to non-students, as well as concerns about Read more...

Otago Polytechnic Studentsí Association May Rejoin NZUSA

Posted 4:11pm Friday 16th October 2020 by Fibi Barkman

The Otago Polytechnic Students’ Association (OPSA) is considering rejoining the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA). Otago Polytech students will be voting on whether or not to join at their special general meeting (SGM) next Wednesday.  Currently, only five of Read more...

Everyone on Campus Can Get Weed

Posted 7:33pm Sunday 4th October 2020 by Fox Meyer

Critic asked 34 students: if your life absolutely depended on it, could you suss weed within the hour? Every single person, bar one, said yes. However, Critic would like to point out that that single “no” could’ve asked any one of the other 33 people in the room. Every single Read more...

Students Struggling to Find Employment

Posted 7:31pm Sunday 4th October 2020 by Naomii Seah

Students are struggling to find jobs this summer. This may be related to the oncoming recession. 79.7% of students who responded to Critic’s online survey said that they were finding it harder than usual to find a job. Only 32.7% of respondents had actually found a summer job, compared to Read more...

New Scholarship Money for International Postgrads

Posted 7:30pm Sunday 4th October 2020 by Fox Meyer

A new scholarship appeared on the University’s website this week that would provide $10,000 in tuition fees towards one year of study for select international postgrad students. The Otago International Excellence Scholarship aims to support “high-achieving” students who are Read more...

Scarfie Weather First to Predict Snowfall

Posted 7:29pm Sunday 4th October 2020 by Fox Meyer

After announcing his departure from campus, Scarfie Weather was back online last Thursday (24 September) with a hot take: “I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw snow on Tuesday down to sea level, throughout Southland and Southern Otago.” The independent weatherman said of his Read more...

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