How to know if you’re a breatha (and how you can come to accept it)

Posted 5:36pm Sunday 17th March 2024 by Hugh Askerud

Part 1: Develop self-awareness Oh, the breatha. The absolute epitome of what people think of when they think “student”. Like the scarfie of yesteryear, the breatha is everywhere: lurking in your lecture halls, downing Monsters in the library, sifting on your mates. You know them Read more...

Where Did the Word “Breather” Come From?

Posted 11:33pm Saturday 6th March 2021 by Oscar Paul

For years, Otago students were dubbed ‘scarfies’. The word was popularised by the eponymous 1999 film and came loaded with half-a-century of resentment from older generations. As ubiquitous as the ‘scarfie’ moniker once was, it has increasingly been replaced by a newer, more Read more...

How The Red Card Became a Dunedin Cultural Phenomenon

Posted 12:22pm Sunday 21st May 2017 by Joel MacManus

If you’re a fresher still learning the ropes and fumbling your way around North Dunedin, you may have heard the term “Red Card” being thrown around in conversation and had thoughts like ‘what are they?’, ‘what do they look like?’, and ‘how can they Read more...

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