Cap Quietly Removed on Sea Lion Trawling Deaths

Posted 8:00pm Sunday 5th May 2024 by Kaia Kahurangi Jamieson

On the 8th of April, the decision to completely remove the country’s Fishing-Related Mortality Limit (FRML) for rāpoke (sea lions) was quietly released on the Ministry for Primary Industries’ website with a 16-page consultation document. The FRML sets the maximum number of Read more...

Gone Fishin’

Posted 7:53pm Saturday 3rd September 2022 by Hugh Askerud

With food prices skyrocketing over the past couple months, and student allowances increasing only ever so slightly, it seemed suspicious to see so many students with full bellies around central campus. With many others huddling around their open ovens, the presence of pot-bellied breathas around our Read more...

School of Fishermen Need Herring Aid

Posted 11:03pm Saturday 13th March 2021 by Oscar Paul

No one caught a fish at the Otago Salmon Angling Association’s (OSAA) fishing competition last Saturday.  In the fishing competition, 200 fishermen and fisherwomen had 24 hours to catch any Salmon, Kingfish or Kahawai in the Otago Harbour. The biggest fishes caught could net the Read more...

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