Cap Quietly Removed on Sea Lion Trawling Deaths

Posted 8:00pm Sunday 5th May 2024

On the 8th of April, the decision to completely remove the country’s Fishing-Related Mortality Limit (FRML) for rāpoke (sea lions) was quietly released on the Ministry for Primary Industries’ website with a 16-page consultation document. The FRML sets the maximum number of Read more...

BASK Vol. III: A Deep Dive into Ōtepotiís Newest Creative Community

Posted 1:50pm Saturday 24th September 2022

There’s something about this city. Something that made Chris Knox pick up a guitar, Taika Waititi envision a film set in his dingy student flat, and Steven Malkmus refer to us ‘home-baking Kiwis’ in Pavement’s recently blown-up TikTok hit Harness your Hopes. We come here and Read more...

Between a Cock and a Hard Place

Posted 6:17pm Monday 25th July 2022

When you think ‘sexual dysfunction’, you probably imagine emergency room flyers for Viagra. The words ‘low sex drive’ might conjure up a dead-end marriage, two snotty children and a fold-out couch in the garage for dad. What you probably aren’t thinking of is your peers Read more...

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