Campus (s)chop suey?

Posted 3:01am Sunday 8th May 2022 by Keegan Wells

The campus shop is filled with wonders. The ratio of sweets to fizz to pies is usually fantastic. However, there are those items that really make you question what place they have in a campus shop. Fried noodles? What do they expect students to do, munch through a whole bag while studying? The Read more...

University Shops Struggle With Omicron

Posted 2:58pm Sunday 6th March 2022 by Denzel Chung

The Omicron outbreak has hit Otago Uni’s cafés and food outlets hard. A one-two punch of fewer students on campus and staff shortages have led to financial losses and rolling closures of outlets.  The University Union is like the Pablo Escobar of Dunedin’s campus – Read more...

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