Only 1% of Uni Students Donít Consume Caffeine

Posted 2:53pm Sunday 9th May 2021 by Fox Meyer

A new Massey study circulated by prominent science publisher MDPI found that nearly every single New Zealand tertiary student consumes caffeine on a near-daily basis. Caffeine was most commonly consumed as energy drinks, coffee, tea, or chocolate. The real news here is that 1% of students somehow Read more...

Science Bitches | Issue 6

Posted 2:08pm Sunday 2nd April 2017 by Ben Cravens

Whether it’s from tea, coffee, energy drinks, or a square of chocolate, just about everyone gets their morning pick me up from caffeine. But caffeine isn’t entirely benign. I missed my morning coffee today and already feel a host of the normal withdrawal symptoms that go along with Read more...

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