OUSA ANZAC Service Well-Attended

Posted 4:13pm Sunday 2nd May 2021 by Denzel Chung

Around 500 people of all ages attended OUSA’s ANZAC Day service, the first to be held on campus since 2019.  Held in conjunction with Te Roopū Māori and the University, the service was held in the Main Common Room, but attendee numbers meant the crowd ended up overflowing out Read more...

Kangaroos kick Kiwisí winning streak to the curb

Posted 11:09am Sunday 15th May 2016 by Willy Chapman

There has been a feeling of disappointment from both sides of the ditch after last weekend’s annual ANZAC rugby league test match between the Kangaroos and Kiwis. Despite the Kangaroos coming away with the 16-0 win, critics have labeled both sides performances as underwhelming.   As Read more...

Otago Universityís contribution to the World Wars

Posted 10:39am Sunday 1st May 2016 by Joe Higham

A week on from the ANZAC day commemorations, many of the emotive anecdotes, moving speeches, and poignant minutes of silence may largely be forgotten for another 51 weeks. New Zealand played a sizeable and courageous part in the wars, but how much of a part did Otago University play in the largest Read more...

Editorial | Issue 09

Posted 1:58pm Sunday 27th April 2014 by Zane Pocock

I sincerely dislike public holidays. I understand that many others do, too. Before I explain, I feel the need to emphasise that I am a big supporter of increasing workersí rights. Iím not at all a fan of what currently seems to be an inevitable enslavement by employment, I understand the Read more...

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