Saving Fresher Lives With Are You OK

Posted 1:57am Friday 28th February 2020

He’s too drunk. His legs have collapsed beneath him, so there is someone supporting either of his shoulders – that’s two. His head is lolling back, so a third person holds it up and grips a mask to his mouth, from which a plastic sac drops down to collect his thin, watery vomit. Read more...

University Sinks Piss-sinking Ship

Posted 12:46am Friday 21st February 2020

An advertisement that breached the University’s policy around promoting alcohol on campus has been taken down. The inaugural ‘Dusty Sundays’ gig, headlined by Aussie band Lime Cordiale, will be run by OUSA in association with alcohol brand Part Time Rangers. A big fuck-off Read more...

Couch Burnings Heat Up 2019

Posted 10:57pm Thursday 20th February 2020

Couch fires in North Dunedin have more than tripled in number from 2018 to 2019. After a decade-long gradual decline, recorded incidents spiked from 14 in 2018 to 48 in 2019. University Proctor Dave Scott, a man who has seen some shit, was not too put off by this rise. “In the bad old days, Read more...

OPINION: VSM is the Worst

Posted 4:30pm Friday 19th July 2019

The Otago University Students’ Association exists purely because Harlene Hayne saw a poor little piglet, primed for slaughter, and decided they were too special to be turned into pork mince. The story of OUSA is essentially Charlotte’s Web. Our student union was conceived and born in Read more...

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Bonnie Harrison

Radio One, News Manager

OUSA Finance Officer, 2019