Dunedin Shitposter Lives Perfectly Wholesome, Balanced Life

Dunedin Shitposter Lives Perfectly Wholesome, Balanced Life

A Dunedin shitposter has revealed the secret to his page’s consistently on-point humour: healthy living. 

Tane is the admin of “gear up buttercup,” whose posts about the little everyday struggles of life are beloved by his 23,185 Facebook followers. What few of those followers may know, though, is Tane’s life behind the screen: a life which effortlessly balances rigorous academic commitments, healthy eating, good amounts of physical activity, excellent sleep patterns, a thriving social life and a heart for volunteering. 

“The magic starts at 7am every day,” he told the Critical Tribune. “I go for a run along the harbour or a quick gym sesh, and that gets me refreshed and in the right mood for my first post of the day. Then I pretty much just post whenever inspiration strikes - but when you’re keeping your mind in tip-top shape with 5 plus a day and eight hours of alcohol-free sleep every night, the humour just flows naturally.”

“Sometimes I even come up with stuff in the middle of my lecture, or when I’m out serving soup to the homeless with my church. But I always tell myself, ‘Tane, hold off. These guys are people too, and they deserve 100% of me. The humour can wait.’ And somehow, by the end, I’ve found a way to make the joke even better.” At this point, Tane cut short the interview, saying he was organising a 5-year anniversary date for his long-term partner: “We’re having a picnic on Mt. Cargill, and may even treat ourselves to a nice bottle of sparkling grape juice.”

At press time, “gear up buttercup” was taken down by Facebook after their page’s name was reported for glorifying drug use. 

This article first appeared in Issue 17, 2021.
Posted 6:39pm Sunday 1st August 2021 by The Critical Tribune.