Fresher Finally Meets Someone From Mosgiel

Fresher Finally Meets Someone From Mosgiel

Mosgiel is a place that many people have only heard about, but UniCol fresher Aimee Fredericks was lucky enough to meet someone hailing from just west of Dunedin at a party in Re-O.

“I’d only ever heard about the Mosgiel sign on the news!” she said. “The first time I drove past it in the airport shuttle when I first got down here, I was like “oh wow! there it is, the Mosgiel sign, it’s even better in real life”. And then to actually meet someone from Mosgiel, that’s not something that happens everyday is it?” 

“There are only 14,600 people there, what are the chances,” Aimee wondered aloud, giving a bang-on population number for Mosgiel according to the last census. The Tribune pointed out to her that Mosgiel is actually quite close to Dunedin, only a twenty minute drive at most, so people do tend to visit Dunedin. She said “but that’s ages away. No one has a car anyway.”

The Mosgielian in question, John John Johnson, 39, did not want to confirm or deny whether he was from Mosgiel, but the Tribune can confirm that he is, based on fashion sense alone. He left soon after we began to question why he was at a Re-O party in Dunedin. 

Aimee received a gift basket from the Mosgiel Appreciation Society, and is officially Mosgiel’s number one (and only) fan.

This article first appeared in Issue 15, 2021.
Posted 4:43pm Sunday 18th July 2021 by The Critical Tribune.