Moaningful Confessions | The Wrong Kind of Bang

Moaningful Confessions | The Wrong Kind of Bang

This boy was very cute. French, got the curls, six foot tall, eight inches, the whole package. We were a few dates in by this point, feeling each other out but not quite feeling each other up yet. This bitch was getting horny. One Friday night we decided to get dressed up and go to town. We chatted, laughed, and got to know each other better in the Subs line. Once we got in we danced for a while.

After a little bit I needed to go, but the Subs toilets are gross. He kindly walked me to the library toilets in the Octagon. If you’ve ever been to the library there are lots of hidden corners, dark spots for people to feel each other up a bit better. 

Just as we are walking back onto the street, I noticed the perfect hideaway. With a burst of horny-fueled courage, I pulled him towards me into the shadows. He placed a hand on my hip, sliding it round my back to pull me closer. What started out as a few sweet kisses quickly descended into a full-on make out. We couldn’t have stopped if we wanted to. 

Backed against the wall, he leaned down under my dress and swiftly lifted my leg up around him. The panties came off. After some light finger work and his admiration of my WAP, it became clear we needed a more secure spot.

Off we ran, hand in hand down George Street, stopping briefly in alleys as needed. I was finally going to get the bang I needed. Our goal was to get to the New World toilets before it closed. 

A few detours later, we were finally walking into a lockable room, the New World toilet. There was one slight problem: my moans were magnified tenfold in the echoey hallways. I feel sorry for the poor workers that need to take a phat shit during the day. NO privacy. 

Lucky for us the automated public toilets were just outside. Horny out of our minds, we were quick to get to the goods. A little bit of feeling and a little bit of oral later, he bent me over the sink. Just as I was about to be finally satisfied, alarms started blaring. Lights were flashing. The toilet door rumbled open. 

Turns out, the public toilets were on a timer. This poor boy, cock and balls out, lunged forward to catch the door and caused a loud bang. He’d jammed his finger in the door. There he was clutching his hand, half naked, with the toilet door still open for the world to see. It was not the bang I wanted the night to end with. 

One week later, with his hand in a cast, we are planning our next date. Perhaps just a bit of Netflix is a better idea.

This article first appeared in Issue 9, 2021.
Posted 8:29pm Sunday 2nd May 2021 by Critic.