Vape Review | Hunting Cloud Sour Blackberry

Vape Review | Hunting Cloud Sour Blackberry

I have a confession to make, I cannot handle any sort of non-bland food. I mean, it’s not really that surprising - I’m white as fuck. Growing up, the most adventurous our dinners would get would be when mum made devilled sausages instead of spag bol. My palette has suffered tremendously since then. Sometimes it reaches points on cold days when the air and even my toothpaste feels too spicy. The other day, I was so brave and ordered a medium chicken korma instead of a mild, and it fucked me up. I’ve been trying to accustom myself with a variety of different foods to see what I’ve missed out on all these years, and it’s slowly working. In my research, I’ve developed a love for all things sour. The citric acid that burns off your taste buds, the scrunched up face you make after the first taste, and the feeling of regret afterwards - it’s such a satisfying experience for me. So when I saw that this week’s vape review was for a flavour called “Sour Blackberry”, I was ready to fucking go.

The label on this bottle looks like a homemade intro on some 2012 gamers YouTube account. It’s got some cool blur effects with big lettering that says “SOUR BLACKBERRY”, which looks pretty sick if you asked me. We got hooked up with another 20mg nic salt juice, so you know this is gonna be a strong boy. I even put in a fresh new coil just to enhance the experience. Just like that one night I had in a Tinder boy’s bed on Christmas Eve, this juice left me feeling underwhelmed, bored, and disappointed. With a name like “Sour Blackberry”, you expect there to be some sort of flavour punch, but this juice was mild at best. Like sure, it tastes like blackberries, but there’s no sourness to it. Don’t get me wrong, it still tastes really nice, but it’s just a blackberry flavour. Flatmate Carter summed it up by saying “it tastes familiar, but also a little bit different at the same time” before giving it a 6/10 rating. It’s enjoyable and easy to vape, but just doesn’t hit. I suspected that the 20mgs would come off quite strong, but even then I could barely feel anything. To be honest, my lack of ability to feel this sort of nicotine is just a sign that I probably need to stop vaping.

Overall, this juice is fine. It’s not amazing, but it’s not shit either. If you like fruits and especially blackberries, then you’ll definitely like this flavour. But if you’re in it for the sourness, then you’re shit outta luck. The purple Listerine mouthwash sitting in my bathroom has more of a kick than this juice does, but beggars can’t be choosers. In terms of vape juice, this juice is all goods if you don’t want anything too strong that results in a fine vaping experience. But hey, this is just my subjective opinion. What gives me any authority and right to be telling you what vape juice flavours are best, when I can’t even handle the spice of a fucking medium chicken korma?

Tasting notes: The really disappointing drop in Losing It by Fisher.

Makes you feel: Like when you’re talking in a group and you try and contribute to the conversation but people keep interjecting and the topic has already changed before you get a chance to speak.

Pairs well with: Listening to sad music for the sole purpose of making you more sad.

This article first appeared in Issue 17, 2020.
Posted 9:43pm Thursday 3rd September 2020 by Critic.